The Only Heir

Princess Maeve is the only survivor after a brutal uprising in her family's country. Noah, the leader of this violent group of extremists needs her to become king, but will Harry, her personal body guard and protector, let him have her?


7. Close call

~~Maeve’s POV:

What did I just say? I mean, obviously I care for Harry; he’s been helping to protect me for years. Since he was ten and I was six, that’s when he started training to be my personal body guard. That’s not what I said though. I told him that I loved him.

Now that I actually give that statement some thought, I realize that it’s true. I guess I’ve always felt so comfortable and safe around Harry, and maybe the fact that he was introduced to me when I was so young kind of just made me think of it more as a really great friendship. I mean, for a long time I’ve said that Harry was my best friend, but I never really realized how much I really do care for him. I can’t let him die. I have to figure out a way to get all of us out of here before I’m married off to Noah. I just have to.

I look up at Harry, who seems a bit shocked, and my heart drops. Oh my gosh, he doesn’t feel the same way. He’s going to tell me to get myself out of this and leave him. No… I can’t do that.

I look down at my lap, tears threatening again, and then feel his fingers lifting my chin up again. He brings my face so I’m looking straight at him between the bars, and then slowly presses his lips to mine softly, and  whispers, “I love you too Maeve.”

I feel myself break into a grin, and ask, “You do?”

He looks straight at me and nods a little, saying, “You know I would never lie to you princess.”

I nod a little, and kiss him again softly, before he says, “Alright, listen to me. We have to figure something out. I’ll talk to the guards who want to help us, and make sure that someone tells you what to do, alright?”

I nod again, and ask, “Who do you think will talk to me? I mean, just so I can know they’re, like, really who you talked to…”

He thinks for a moment, and says, “Whoever comes down, I’ll tell them to have Jonathan tell you what’s happening, alright?”

I nod a little, Jonathan was the one who trained Harry, and it makes sense that we can still trust him. Harry sighs, “Okay, you should probably get back upstairs now. We don’t want anyone to come looking for you.”

I nod, and say, “Alright, I’ll see you later, hopefully not while you’re still in a cell.”

He agrees, and we kiss one last time before I say goodbye to him and the guys before standing back up and hobbling back upstairs on my crutches slowly.

When I get back up to the bedroom, I see that Noah is in there, and he asks, “Where were you princess? I brought you some lunch, and you weren’t here.”

I look down and say, “I’m sorry, I just… I’ve been in this room for three days, and I just wanted to move around a little I guess…”

He nods, seeming to accept my answer. I sigh in relief, and then sit back down on the bed, and he gives me a bowl of soup with a grilled cheese sandwich, and tells me, “Now, make sure you eat, and don’t you go wandering again without letting someone know. I was worried that you might’ve tried something you’d regret later.”

I nod a little, and say, “I’m sorry for making you worry, just had a little cabin fever I suppose.”

He nods, and then kisses my forehead, “It’s alright sweetheart; I just don’t want to lose you.”

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