A Melody

A collection of poems with a variety of themes


1. Love


Love is everything

It’s the moonlit beach

It’s the sun shining on his face

Everything and anything can show love

Even someone who is irreparably broken


Love is the way he smiles

The way it lights up the room

How he is always in the middle of it

While I wait on the side lines

Hoping one day he’ll realise


Love is his laugh

The sound of it, replaying over and over and over and over in my head

Melodic -

Like birds singing


Love is loving him,

No matter what anyone else says?

Always believing him

Trusting him


Love is his eyes

The way he is so blind about how I feel

The way they glint like stars

The way navy morphs to sapphire

Depending on whether they’re clouded with sadness or bright with life


But there are many things love isn’t about

Love is not about what religion he follows,

 The colour of his skin,

If he is slim or not

Whether he is intelligent

Or even if he loves me back


Love is just about how he makes me feel

The way my heart beats harder when he talks to me

The way my face takes on a pink glow when he smiles

The way I will always love him no matter what

Because that’s what love is about




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