1D Party!!!

Kaylen and Taylor got tickets to 1Ds party and they had a blast but what happens when Taylor turns up missing? Are they going to find her or are they going to have the police put on of them in jail???


1. Tickets

Kaylen and I were in a huge crowd of screaming fans just waiting for 1D to make an announcement. Everyone started screaming when 1D came onstage including Kaylen and I. Niall got us all quiet and Louis said "Now I know you are a here for tickets to our party which is later tonight but we can only invite 2 girls. Who could those 2 girls be you might ask? Well they are... Drumroll please... Oh my god! Taylor and Kaylen!!! Come on down to claim your tickets" Kaylen and I were freaking out like crazy when we heard our names called. We made our way to the stage, Liam have us the tickets and the boys gave each of us a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Kaylen and u were still freaking out but we calmed down. "This is amazing!!! So when's the party?" I asked. "Tonight at our flat. We'll have out limo pick u girls up. See you then!" Kaylen and I went back to our flat and got ready. I wore a tight, ruffled red dress and Kaylen wore a blue dress.

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