Don't Mess With The Girl Next to the Short Turtle

Hailie Jones is Casey's younger sister. She's sassy, violent, and well, practically, the girl version of Raphael. Casey doesn't even notice the mutants "Attacking his city" when his little sister meets the turtles.

That's the funny part.


1. Robots Attack


Okay, let’s get this over with. My name is Hailie Jones. I’m Casey’s little sister. Hey, don’t go thinking I’m a princess to him. I’m only a year younger than him, and much more good a kicking butt.


How do I know that? Let’s just say I knew the turtles before he did. April (My best friend) introduced me to them after the Kraang tried to attack us. Keyword: tried. I was a black belt in Karate so at least I knew something about fighting them off.


Okay, so when April and I were attacked, oh gosh, that was so long ago. We were walking down the streets, talking about Casey. I thought he was annoying. April thought he had a very interesting personality. Well, she hasn’t met him yet, but I complained about him a lot.


Suddenly, we were pushed into an empty alley way. I saw these about 40 identical dudes saying “April O’Neil is in this place, now alert Kraang so he can come to this place and take April O’Neil from this place, to the ship which is far away from this place.” One of them said in a very robotic place.


I got into a fighting position, and April drew a fan. I narrowed my eyes.


“You’re not taking her anywhere, freak.” I snapped. I honestly had no idea what was happening, but I knew that these guys were not cool.


“We will take April O’Neil from this place and take her to another place away from this place.” The dude said. I was getting irritated by the way he talked.


“I’m not backing down without a fight.” I sassed. The Kraang seemed to understand. They drew these guns, and started shooting. I dodged the lasers and started fighting the robotic dudes.


April was fighting, and talking on the phone at the same time. Show off. I thought, but kept fighting.


I had somehow managed to take a lot of the down with my bare hands. I punched the last one in the face, and I grabbed a pipe with a sharp edge and stabbed the robot in the forehead. It fell and some weird pink alien thing popped out.


“What the-?” I exclaimed.


“They do that.” April said casually. I nodded.


“So...They’re aliens?” I asked. She nodded.


“Very nice. We’re getting invaded. Anything else you know that I don’t?” I asked.


“April! Are you okay?” I heard a voice from the rooftops. Then, 4 figures dropped down in front of her. One was tall, the other medium height, another shorter, and then the shortest. They looked like...Turtles.


“Hey guys, I’m fine.” April said.


“Who’s this?” The shortest figure asked, pointing to me. I folded my arms. Then, the Kraang came back in a truck.


“Fight now, questions later.” I said, then attacked.


“I like the way she thinks.” One of them said behind me, then attacked. In middle of the fight, one of the Kraang somehow grabbed my arm and threw me against the wall. My vision blurred. I got up, but got hit in the head by the same dude.


I fell onto the ground, my head throbbing. The Kraang was about to finish me when one of the unknown allies attacked him. When the robot was down, the figure held out his hand. I took it.


“You okay?” He asked. I nodded.


“Those guys are messing with the wrong girl.” I said. He laughed.


“You kicked some major shell.” He said.


“It’s over?” I asked. He nodded. I pouted.  Another figure came up and stood by the other.


“You took a pretty big hit to the head.” He said. I frowned, and crossed my arms.


“No dip, I got hit in the head with an alien laser gun.” I snapped. He held up his arms in surrender.


“I can’t help but point out the obvious. Anyways, I think I should check for a concussion.” He said.


“Hailie, these guys are friends.” April said, walked up next to me with the other two figures.


“I noticed.” I said. She shot me a glare.


“They’re….Turtles.” She said, as they all stepped into the light. They all had different colored bandanas. One had blue, the one next to him had red, the others purple and orange. The blue masked one had blue eyes, the red one, electric green, the purple, brown and the last one blue.


“This is Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo, but you can call them Leo, Raph, Donnie, and Mikey.” April introduced, pointing to the blur masked, then the red masked, then the purple, then the orange. I nodded.


“So, like they’re ninjas? And turtles? That’s awesome.” I summed up.


“They’re cool guys.” April agreed.


“We should probably head back to the lair. I want to make sure Hailie doesn’t have a concussion.” Donnie said. I shrugged.  


“Okay.” I said. They climbed onto the roofs, I followed. They ran across the rooftops. Being in Cross Country and Track, I was able to keep up. When they jumped off of the roof into an empty alley, I was right behind them.


Raph looked at me, surprised while Leo lifted the lid off of a sewer.


"You're fast." He said. I smiled.


"Track." I said, as I followed Leo, Donnie and Mikey into the sewer.


"Wait, you didn't complain about walking into a sewer?" Donnie asked, then began to panic.


"I think she has a concussion!" He exclaimed.


"I think I'm okay." I cut in. Donnie stopped talking.


"Let's just get you to the lair." Leo said and continued walking to a place at the end of the sewers.


I had to say, it was amazing. There was a T.V different rooms everywhere, a Pac-Man like machine, and an-


"NO way!" I whispered. I ran to a pinball machine.


"You like to play Pinball?" Raph asked, right behind me. 


"I'm beast at Pinball." I told him. 


"My sons." I heard someone say, "What have I told you about bring strangers to the lair?" I turned around to see a rat wearing a Sensei like robe, and had one strand of hair hanging from his chin. He held a green staff, and I was actually afraid that he was going to whack me with it for a second. Then I would really get a concussion. 


"She's a friend, Sensei." April spoke up, "We got attacked by the Kraang and Donnie thinks Hailie has a concussion." The rat stroked his one strand. 


"Very well." He said then left the room. 


"What just happened?" I whispered to Raph. 


"Master Splinter just said it was okay for you to come here whenever." Raph whispered back. I nodded. Donnie cleared his throat and motioned to a room which I assumed was a lab. I groaned.


"Fine." I said, and followed him into the lab. 


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