Dont Kiss and Tell

"Well who is it? Who do u love more because I know you love both boys!" Lilly said " I love harry more. I will never love Niall he was a jerk to me and just because he was nice to me for a few weeks doesn't change anything." " I know you love Niall and Harry don't deny it."


2. High School


Oh no he's coming why does he do this to me? He has kissed every girl in our grade except me and he bullies me. I wonder what he'll do to me today. He's probably going to brag about his X factor audition or make fun of me. He's such a jerk. I don't care about his stupid audition. I'm happy he hasn't ever tried or wanted to kiss me that's fine that jerk can like his life with any fucking girl he wants. I really don't give a shit about him.


Ok Niall keep it together she is just down the hall remember don't let her know you like her she likes bad boys😏 "hey hot stuff, you look bad today. What you wanna do tonight? Ha jk I don't wanna hang with you your a little shit." Good job niall you kept it together but still said something nice.

" oh! Hi niall didn't see you there did you say something? Because I only heard the sound of a bastard talking shit about some amazing girls he can't have." Erin said it hurt me. Did she know that I was madly in love with her?

"I could get you if I wanted to your just a little piece of hot ass. I have tons of that. Now get out of my way loser I have better things to do than to look at your uguly face." Was that enough badass?

Omg I can't believe that conversation was so heated. I had to leave I was about to break down she smeed so nice like warm vanill and she looked so good. I just wanna jump in bed with her and feel the amazing pleasure of thrusting my hips towards her.

This is basically our conversation everyday. She doesn't know witch is good, but she also hates me. I think.


Niall loves Erin but Erin doesn't know that because he tries to be badass. He tries to be badass because he thinks Erin likes it but really she hates it and she hates him.



"YES HEA FINALLY GONE" I said to my best friend Lilly. " I never have to see him again unless this X factor thing doesn't work out. I really hope it does but only for my sake." Lilly then said " why do u hate him so much can't you see that he likes you. He wants to date you but you hate him!plus he is a great kisser." " sure in you dreams. And eww! I don't want to date someone that has kissed every single girl he has ever laid eyes on." I said.

As we walked to class we talked more about Niall and how Lilly thought he was madly in love with me as if. Where do people get these ideas?

I know this is a crappy first chapter. But please don't stop reading! Keep going! Comment your thoughts!

Xoxo❤️ sierra

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