New Life *ON HOLD*

Tessa Mockings was a 20 year old girl going to east wood high college. She got bullied most of the time because of one really stupid reason.... She missed a winning goal against a different lacrosse team. Her teammates yelled at her or they just walked away. She saw something different in her that day. Because of that Tessa started to do dangerous things in her "New Life".....

copyright 2014


3. Not Them Again..

Tessa's P.O.V

As Calum and I were walking I noticed that the people that I stole money from were near my house as if they were looking for me.

" Get behind the bush! " I whisper shouted as I shoved Calum into the bush.

" Hey Royals I'm over here! " Right as they heard that all the boys stood on my porch which I was like 8 feet away from it.

" Why did you take the money, so you can bribe these innocent boys into having sex with you slut? " The head of Royals pisses me off so much.

" Actually they came into my house wanting shelter from all the fans and I only took your money so that I can still be alive. "

" Well you wont be needing that money cause your going to die anyways! " One of the Royals threw a punch at my face but Calum jumped out of the bush and saved me from getting hit, all the boys came rushing over and started to fight all the Royals while Niall helps me back to house.

" Fine we will leave you alone for now, but you cant stay by your body guards forever! " The Royals ran away and all the boys came back to the house.

" You gu- " I got cut off by Luke.

" What the hell were you thinking Tessa!?  Stealing money from people and then you think were your body guards? "

Luke started to tear up. Betrayed tears.

" Well I'm sorry my parents don't love me, I'm sorry I'm not perfect, and I'm sorry that I didn't fucking take the shot! "

I screamed at all of them with tears running down my face.

" Just fucking leave I already got you guys into enough trouble already. " I walk into my house and lock the door and everything else.

" Tess open up we want to be there for you! " Of course its Niall.

" Sorry Niall but I'm just not looking forward to having a social life! " Niall kicked my door down and in came everyone.

" Omg, do you people not understand that I'm just bad for you and that I can ruin your career!? "

" Sammy why don't you live your parents or anyone? " All the boys sit down.

" Well I guess it is time to tell at least someone about that night besides my whole school and family. " They are all confused.

" It was march 15th, 2013.  We were playing at the national lacrosse finals in Florida and it was down to 1 minute.  We had the ball and someone passed it to me I was right by the goal and I did a little trick and shot but I missed then got tackled and BOOM!  The game was over and we lost by one point, after all that happened everyone yelled at me for doing my stupid trick and my boyfriend well he just walked away in shame.  The next day at school everyone was pointing and saying bad shit about me to their friends and just to make everything better my so called boyfriend was with another girl.  I got cut from the team and since my dad was really serious about lacrosse he cut me from his life, my parents replaced me with a foster child, gave me little money, and the house that were in right now.  I haven't seen them since then and I probably never will.  So that led me to a new life, I dropped out of high school deleted the rest of my contacts on my phone and then started a life of crime.  I started to smoke and do drugs and get people to have sex with me but, after all that happened I quit knowing I wasn't going to get anywhere in life with all the shit, so I went back to liking music like you guys and started to go on instagram, twitter, and youtube, that's when I found out about cutting and I did it daily at midnight, I stopped everything now but the Royals are a gang that I stole money from and they want me dead so that's why they were here, I'm just glad non of them brought guns this time.  So that's basically my past life...  " All the boys sat in shock taking all that information slowly and then they got up and gave me a huge hug.

" Tessa I'm sorry I screamed at you I had know idea.  "

" No one does Luke... "

No one does....


So I hoped you guys liked this chapter but I am just super tired cause last night I stayed up till 1 updating The Undiscovered, but since I'm summer break I will try my best to update all my books daily or weekly.

Love ya all, Sammyx

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