Best Friends ?

This is the story of a girl named Ember Graystone . She has a secret crush on her Best Friend Niall. Yep that's right the Niall Horan . But then he moves away . Will they see each other again , and if they do are they still best friends ?


1. 1



" Niall , I'm going to miss you , " I said for the billionth time that day . He looks at me and I can see tears are threatening to spill out of his gorgeous blue eyes . He says to me , " Em I'm going to miss you loads , but this is my dream . " I sigh and say . " I know it is because otherwise you would be handcuffed to a chair not leaving . "

He chuckles lightly . He smiles and states , " Even in the roughest times your still able to make me smile . " Just then his Mom calls to tell him there in the car waiting . He starts leaving but then my confidence suddenly decides to join the end of my conversation .

" Wait one more thing . " He turns around confused and without hesitation I kiss him . He kisses back , and I say , " I've always liked you more than a best friend ." I can see the shock in his eyes . Than I say one last thing before my confidence decides to fly away to where it was before . And I say , " Try to keep in touch , and Niall your where the mystery boy that I loved , and I always will no matter what . "

Then I bolt out the door before I can hear rejection , and how I just ruined our best friendship .

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