Dancing Queen

Lucile Benson is what you call a professional Dancer. She has moves like no other, But the problem is she lives in a society if you are not rich your nothing. The women has a chance to be rich, they must marry a wealthy man.

What happens when Luce(Lucile) Gets kidnapped and sold to the wealthiest man in the country? How can she fall for such a monster? Whats so special about her? and What secrets can she unlock in the house to help change the world into what it once was?


1. Prologue

Luce smiled brightly at the applauding crowd around her. The cheer of her name brought joy to her. "Lucile! . Lucile!" They screamed. It was like a dream, and of course every dream comes to an end.


'Beep. Beep. Beep'   Lucile shot up from her twin size bed and fell face down on the floor. 'Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep' Her alarm clock beep non-stop annoyed Lucile so much she threw her fuzzy bed slippers at it to shut it up. She huffed out as the noise continued and got up out her stop on the floor and turned the clock off. 


Luce stared at the tan wall remembering the dream she just had. Well not really a dream it was a memory before the world changed into what it is now before life changed as she knew it.


Luce closed her eyes to just get a hint of the dream she just had. Luce stayed like that for a few more seconds until she felt a tear fall from her right eye. 


"This is life now...." She whispered laying her head onto the cold wood floor 

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