A long emotional year

About a girl who loses everything and one direction crew helps her through it all.


3. A week later

Finally it is time to go home. I am excited to get into my own house. The guy I like says he is bringing me home. I finally have the currage to ask him what his name is. My voice is shaky but I can say it still. He looks at me an says i thought you weren't going to talk to me. I turned and looked out my window. He says mike( Zayn). I just watch the cars go by and I feel my eyes get heavy. I must have fallen to sleep because it's midnight now and I am in a cosy room with five windows. I like it even though it's not mine. I climb out of my pink flowery covers and my feet hit the ice cold floor. I turn around and see flowers on my table. I walk to a door I open it and it is dark I walk into it and bang I hit a wall. I walk out and I find another door I grab a pillow and through it falls diagonal. I put my one hand out because the other has a cast on it and I need to feel my way down the hall. My eye sight changed to the dark. I walk down the hall. I look in every room. There is one more room bit it's a den room. The tv is flashing and I hear south beach tow. I go into it and sit on the couch. I trying to decide wether I should wake him up. I decided to wake him up. He jumped making me jump. He sat up fast he hugged me and said sorry. He asked if I was scared I said yes because truthfully I was. He said I will come with you and sit on your bed until you fall to sleep. He ended up laying down next to me. Rolled over and he held me. I woke up and he was still asleep, he looked so cute. I wandered around until I found the kitchen. This house was huge. When I found the kitchen I looked for the pans and eggs. I made omelets with sautéed vegetables. As soon as I set his plate down he came running. I asked why are you running did you think I left. He sarcastically giggled and said yes. I told him my name is Kayla he said I know. He said my name is mike and I'm 18. I turned and then he gave me a hug from behind I sat down in my chair and ate. It was awkwardly silent then I got up and said I need to take a shower. He grabbed my hand and said that I need to take a bath because of the cast so i said ok. He led me to the bath and filled it. He asked if I wanted help. I said no I'm good then he said sorry that was an awkward question. He walked out with an embarrassed look on his face. I got naked and I told him I needed a washcloth and I don't care if you came in and then he did.I really didn't care. He stood their for a second. He walked out with out saying a word. I tried to get up but fell. I yelled and told him to come help. He walked in and helped me to my feet. I got dressed and came out I asked if he had a hair dryer. He pulled one out of a drawer I started to blow my hair. I came out with it and asked if he had a brush and he handed that to me. I finally came and he handed me his friends girlfriends clothes so I put them on. They fit me perfect I come out and he is astonished. He said we have to go to the store he said I will give you money to get what ever you need. I told him ok. We wen to the store and he gave me a 20 I spent it on pads. I went to the cashier and he was already their he told me to get chocolate. I eat a lot of chocolate. I ate a lot while I was at the hospital. He paid for it and said to keep the money I shoved it in his back pocket.

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