Unbelievable Summer

Have you ever think that you was invited by One Direction to join their beach party and spends a week with them?


1. Invitation Crad

“what's this morning breakfast menu?” I'm asking to my mom.
“Pancakes! Almost ready!” my mom said after kiss my forehead.
“Kay!” I walk out of the kitchen to the living room.
“Just woke up?” My brother said sarcastically.
“Yeah, as you know.” I answered.

My name is Ficky Fadh, and i'm a girl. I live in Indonesia. who sarcasm me a minutes ago is William, my brother, he’s older than me. I’m a directioner, fandom of One Direction, England-Ireland boy band. I already love them from the first time they’re in on x-factor.

“There’s a letter for you on the mailbox.” Willy said, pointing to the mailbox in front of my house.
“Oh, really?” I replying excitedly then run to the mailbox. I haven’t get a letter for a little while since my grandma died.
“An invitation card?” I said, flipping through the card i was holding.

“So what you got?” Willy asked after I joined with him and my mother on the dining table. If you asked where my father is, he’s on German, manage my family’s factory.
“A weird invitation card. I don’t know who send this card.” I said then start eating my breakfast.


After breakfast and take a bath, i opened the invitation card, wow, look at the stamp of the envelope, the stamp cost is $10, that's expensive if that's on rupiahs.


Dear, beautiful girl..

You're invited by us to join our beach party. you're the lucky one who can joined this private party! we wait you on our personal beach at our flats in England. we really want you to come and join us! Remember, the party start on 10th April!

With Love

One Direction.



"Is this really given by One Direction?" I said confusedly.

"I need to show this to mommy, after it start packing! because 10th April just 3 days left!" i scream loudly with a happy sound.




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