A Million Little Pieces


1. Chapter 1

Writing in a diary isn't my thing. I'd prefer the term notebook of all the things that happen in my life. I never know how to start stories or end them, but I write whatever comes to my head. So here I go..

My name is Cassandra; people call me Cassie or Cass whatever they choose really. I live with my father in Loveable Lane.

I'm 18 years old and am an only child. My mother died in a car accident when I was 4. My father is the only thing I have, no friends and no other family. My father was already married before my mother and they had a child, but his wife took off when she find out she was pregnant. She moved somewhere around London, who knows where.

And I'm sitting in the girls bathroom, friendless, at lunch time all alone and writing. I sometimes sit here and think about my mother, my father and what life could be like if she was still around. But I know nothing I can do is being her back so I am just grateful I have my father. My father is my only friend. He listens to me and is always there for me, well not always, he works a lot to be able to support the two of us. The bell rings and I feel my eyes roll to the back of my head. Great, math.

I take my seat in math behind Andy. Andy would have to be the most disgusting person I’ve ever met, he burps so much during class that he’s already puked twice this year. There are no other seats available for me to sit, so I guess I have no choice.

My dad always asks me why don’t I have friends. I don’t know why, people just have never wanted to be friends with the dead ladies daughter. My mother use to teach at this school many years ago, even before I started here. People just don’t want to get close with me I guess. Maybe its because I tend to keep things to myself, the only thing I tell my secrets to is my notebook.

I watch as the clock ticks by and finally school ends. I walk towards the bus stop and as I walk down the long, croaky stairs Mitchell the head footballer bumps me and I tumble down the stairs. You’d think he would at least help me up or pick up the few books I dropped, but no he just laughs at me and so does the rest of his friends. I pick up my books that are scattered across the floor and help myself up. I feel a bit hazy from the way I fell but I realise no one cares.

I'm on the bus ride home and get a call from an unknown number. I never answer them incase it's some scammer so I just let it go. The phone kept ringing and everyone turned around.

“Turn the bloody thing off.” One of the girls yelled as she turned around giving me a filthy look.

I just turned my phone on silent and stared out the bear, clear window hoping the call wasn't important. I remember my dads phone kept ringing when my mum died, but my dads fine, he is think positive Cass, think positive. Although I know my dad is more than likely fine I cant help but worry, I mean why would someone keep calling me. Maybe it was Mitchell and his friends trying to give me more grief. Wouldn’t knocking me over be enough satisfactory for him? I decide to give my dad a call just to tell him about the repetitive calls. It goes to voice mail and I suddenly get a queasy lump in my stomach.

I had now reached my stop and I wait for my dad to pick me up. I turned my phone off silent and check my lock screen. There were twenty seven missed called from this unknown number. I rang my dad again, but the phone just rang out like before. Usually he'd be here by now. I rang him again and again and still no answer. I called my neighbour and asked if his car was out the front.

"Oh didn't you know sweetheart" she said.

“Know what?” I replied.

"It's your father, look ill come and pick you up from your bus stop and ill tell you then" she said and I started to panic. What had happened to my dad, no this couldn’t be, my dad has to be alright! I just waited for my neighbour to pick me up and kept my tears in. I just have to stay positive.

I see my neighbours car slowly rolling into the bus stop. She had tears in her eyes and a sorry look on her face. I got in and asked if she was alright.

"No, Cassie I'm not" she replied.

I begin to ask her “what was the thing you needed to tell me about my father?”

She swallows and takes a deep breath. “At about 2:00 today your father was rushed into hospital.”

My heart sunk deeply. “Go on I said.”

"He had a heart attack and when he got rushed to hospital they tried to help him and revive him, but by the time they tried it was too late and your father d-d-died.”

My heart immediately broke into a million little pieces. My mother had died when I was young and now I've lost my father. I have no grand parents/aunties or uncles/cousins and no close friends. I was alone and under 18 I didn't know what to think wether I'd be adopted or not.

My neighbour dropped me off at my house and came inside with me. As I walked in I could smell my dads aftershave he had put on in the morning and in my head replaying was the last time I saw him. He said to me that he loves me more than anything in the world and to have a good day at school followed by a kiss on my head. I will never forget the last time I saw him. I never thought it'd be the last time I see him how could this happen. What did I ever do to deserve this.

“I NEVER DID ANYTHING WRONG!” I screamed and burst into tears.

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