Our Life Begins (Sequel to change your life)

Katie And Niall are finally going have a Family and there really excited. What they don't know is people are STILL after Katie. Will Niall try to protect her and there baby? Or will sacrifices be made?


1. Chapter One

~Katie's POV~

**6 months later**

I lay in Niall's and I's bed trying to get comfortable, but couldn't. We finally found out our babies gender, but you are just going to have to wait and see.

I felt pain in my lower stomach and i turned to see Niall not there. Where the hell is this boy!?

Ohh soo he leaves a note. I said looking at the night stand next to me.


Dear princess,

I am at work right now im soooo sorry, and dont worry im with the goo guys promise(: i love you babe ill call you on my lunch brake.

Stay down!

Love Nialler Xx


Of course daddy i would stay down.


I chuckle a bit as i tried siting up as the pain went straight up and down forcing me to scream.


"Katie?!" I heard a male voice.


"Niall!" I screamed.


I looked up to see harry standing in the door way.


"No Niall i on his way to lunch.. Whats wrong?!." He asked running towards me.


"Its coming!." I cried.


"What is.." He asked.


"The baby!!!.''


This made him sprint into action.



"Push Katie." The doctor said calmly.


I began to push as i was sweating bullets. This is not going to be easy.

"Its alright katie." Harry said rubbing a rag across my fore head while holding my hand.

"G-get Niall." I said weakly.


"Katie one more big push dont fall asleep on us." The doctor said.


"Her blood pressure is low doc!" One nurse shouted.


"Katie.." Harry said as his voice echoed.


"Katie." He said again looking at me weirdly as i was drawing everything out.


"Heres you're baby." The doc said showing up my child.


"Beautiful." I smiled.


"Stay with us ok." Harry smiled ill get Niall.


I just nodded as i closed my eyes and let the darkness take over.



~Niall's POV~

"She gave birth!" I smiled into the phone.


"Yes to a healthy kid." Harry said.


"Thank god, ill be over how is she doing.?" I asked as i grabbed my keys to the car and walked out.

"Well ummm not good." He said softly.


"What do you mean not good." I asked getting into the car and putting harry on speaker.

"She is well i wouldn't say exactly a coma." He started.


My princess in a coma...

I manage to pull up in the parking lot as i got out and ran to the waiting room.


"Umm Mrs.Horan." I asked the lady.


She grantly gave me Katie's room as i ran inside to see her and Harry.


"What happened." I asked as i looked at her as she was hooked on machines.


"She passed out from giving birth." He said.


"Ahhh my baby girl!!" A women shirked.


I look at the lady who ran into the and kneeled beside Katie.


"Excuse me. Who are you." I asked her.


"Im her mother what do you think i an!" She snarled.


"I thought her mom left her.'' I asked looking at harry as he shrugged.

"I came back didnt i?!." She yelled.


"Uh yes ma'am." I said nervously.




Thats odd.


"Well i have to go, tell her i love her." She kissed her for head and with that she left.

"That was odd." Harry said looking at me.


"Agree." I nodded.

~Random Person POV~


I finally know where they are, if only simon wasn't in jail i would report them now.


I need to take Katie down i know she is weak now, and as for Niall.


Im gonna make Niall one of us and Be Mine.

~Niall's POV~


"Its been 3 Hours!" I groaned.

"Niall the baby probably isn't over yet." Harry said.


"I now but still." I said stroking Katie's hand with my thumb.


"She will be ok." Harry smiled.


"I really hope soo." I said looking at her as there was a knock on the door.


"Uhh Mr. Horan." She smiled.


"Uhh yeah thats me." I said getting up.


"Your baby is ready." She smiled holding a blanket to me.


I took the blanket as i saw the baby.


Blue eyes


Blonde hair


Skin color of it's mother.


Lips like mine.

"What's the babies gender." Harry asked.


"It's a boy." I said as tears fell down my face.


Our Baby Boy.

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