You're mine|L.H.|

I don't want anything to do with him. But he won't leave me alone. What do I do.

A/n I change my name a lot, sorry! But GagandeepMalik was my first one so I'll stick with it!


3. Friday

Gagandeep pov: ugh, finally it's Friday!! I get to practice with the soccer team today! I'll get to show them what I've got! I quickly jumped out of bed, and walked into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and took a shower. I quickly dried off and put on blue jeans and a pink lacy shirt that was see through in the back. I brushed my long brunette hair leaving it down. And slipped a black rubber band onto my wrist for later. I put on my black puma socks and white converse. Then I grabbed my soccer bag, and put in my old jersey, the short black shorts that go along with it. Then I threw In my kletes and shinguards. I ran downstairs to my mom making breakfast and my dad eating. "Good morning mom, morning dad!" I said cheerfully. " morning" they replied. "Well someone'a happy today!" My dad said. "Yeah, I'm practicing with the soccer team today!" I smiled. My parents nodded happily. They've always been supportive in everything I do, athletic and academic! That's what I love about them. I got a text from luke.

L: hey babe! I was wondering if I could drive you to school today again?

I took a deep breath, and thought about what Ashton and I talked about yesterday.

G:sure! See you then!

L:okay! See you in a few babe.

I smiled, guess I could give him a chance to redeem our "friendship"

I quickly ate and grabbed my bags. Luke knocked on our door. I opened and yelled bye to my parents. He walked me to his car. We got in and he began to drive. I looked at a small, cd in a case and reached over to see it. It read: 5 seconds of summer. Ep. It had the picture of some people I never thought it would, Luke, Cal, Ash, and Mike! My eyes widened and I looked at luke. "You sing?" I asked. He smiled. "Yeah, it's always been a passion for the 4 of us, to some day become big and live out our dreams." He replied. I smiled and nodded my head. "So do you play anything?" I asked again. He nodded, "guitar, and I'm lead vocals, mikes guitar as well, and cal is bassist, and as you can guess Ashton is the drummer." He explained. "Oh, that explains it." Then it struck me, I had seen like before! Not in person but on a cd, and a few shirts! "I've seen your guys merch! I've seen girls wear stuff! I knew I've seen you guys from somewhere!" I told him quickly. He nodded. "Yeah we're starting to get known more in the U.S." We reached the parking lot and met with his friends. As we all talked and I waited for my friends to arrive, I decided to mess with calum. He had already told me he wasn't Asian. "Hey calum, I need help with this homework, it's in Chinese, I thought you would understand it more than I would!" He turned red, "IM NOT ASIAN!!" He exclaimed. I giggled and they all laughed. I saw my friends and quickly said goodbye. I walked up to Abby, Elaine, and Eloise. "Hey!" They greeted me. I smiled, "hello!" "So are you excited for practice today?" Abby asked. I nodded. We talked some more until the bell rang.

Time skip: after school:

I rushed out of my last class to meet up with the girls to change and get ready. We went to the locker room, and I quickly changed into my short black shorts, that went to mid thigh, and my old jersey. It had my last name:Badesha and number 6, my favorite number. I slipped my shinguards and socks on and my kletes. I walked outside with Abby, Elaine, And Eloise, they were also on the team. I met up with the coach and she introduced me to the rest of the girls. I noticed luke and his friends where watching. I sighed. I saw a blonde girl with a smirk on her face looking at luke, Cal, ash, and mike too. I shrugged it off and payed attention to the coach. "Gagandeep! Your our forward id like to see how You play in that postion!" Coach ordered. I saw the blonde girl glare at the coach. "But that's my position that's not fair! I'm way better!" She whined "Karen you can play mid! You haven't seen her play, she could be as good as you or even better!" Coach replied. She snorted. "Humph, better than me, we'll see." We took out positions and I quickly stole the ball. It was a scrimmage. Karen was on the other team, and she came running towards me for the ball. She tried to push me down but I broke free from her grasp and kicked it over her head lightly. I swiveled and quickly made it to the goal. I kicked it hard and made it in. I ran back with the girls on my team cheering. Coach smiled and clapped. Karen just gave me a killer look. I knew I was dead but I didn't care. The next few tries she tried to kick me but failed, miserably. By the end of practice I had wowed everyone. "Gagandeep, looks like you've got yourself the position of defense!" She smiled and nodded and thanked her. I looked at the time, 5:00. As we walked to the locker rooms, Karen came quickly to my side. "Listen up bitch, I don't think you know who I am, so just back off okay? Luke's mine and that position is mine as well. So back off if you know what's good for you alright? We don't want our little wannabe princess to get hurt do we?" She threatened me. I laughed. " first of all, I do know what the fuck you are, a slut. Second of all, you should try harder for the position you want next time." I replied. I didn't mention luke, I don't know what to say about that. I walked away and quickly changed. "Damn you told her off!" Elaine said excitedly. We all laughed. I felt a tap on my shoulder to see it was luke. I smiled and turned. "Hey, I saw you at practice babe, your amazing!" He told me. I blushed, "haha thanks!" "Can I drive you home?" He asked. I nodded and he drove me home. I got out and thanked him. I took a shower and changed into some sweats, and v-neck. I just watched some netflix and texted luke. I fell asleep later on.


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