The Corner Shop

Molly lives, but only just. Her parents are never home, constantly out drinking and at school she is taunted and beaten to the point of self-harm.
Milly lives, but only just. Her parents are never off her case, constantly putting down every effort she makes and at school she only has 'friends' who stab her back at every opportunity.
But when Milly runs away from home and hides in the abandoned corner shop on the edge of the village, she meets Molly. As their friendship blossoms, can they both save each other from the situations they're in?
*For the Dead Ends competition*


2. Chapter Two

"What is this? A C in Maths?!"

"I-I'm sorry, Mum, I-"

"And after all that money I spent on tutoring, and all the time I gave up for your classes, this is what you repay me with? This is it?!" Mum yells, slamming her fist into the table, causing the glasses to tremble. I hang my head, desperate for someone to change the subject, for something to distract my mum from my results. She picks herself up and glares at me, anger glowing in her amber eyes. 

I just don't understand why nothing is ever good enough. 

Since Dad died, all Mum wanted was for me to be the best achiever. She narrowed her mind to focus directly on my 'bright' future. But I'm not clever; I'm not talented. Yeah, I can pass my exams, but I can't score top marks or get the A* grade. And in Mum's eyes, that instantly makes me a failure.

Which is why I now spend my life in tutoring and extra classes, not to mention endless taster career sessions. I've argued for so long about it that I know there's no getting out of it. I'm stuck in this merciless cycle of constant work and constantly disappointing Mum. 

"I'm sorry...I guess..." I mumble, turning to head out the door, when I feel sharp fingernails dig into my neck. I whip around to see Mum sobbing silently, her eyes wide and wild. 

"You don't understand! You are all I have! Everything relies on you, Milly, and you're letting. Me. Down." I shudder, wriggling free of her grip.

"Then...then don't bother! I don't want to be your stupid pet that you train up how you want! I'm sick of you putting me down all the time; I'm SICK OF YOU!" I scream, running out of the kitchen. I hear Mum following me, but I run right out of the door and down the street. Despite the chill in the air, I feel hot with adrenaline as my feet pound on the paving stones. 

"MILLY! MILLY, COME BACK HERE RIGHT NOW! MILLY!" Ignoring Mum's screaming, I turn out of the crescent and onto the road. The stream of cars whizzing past don't seem to notice me. 

It's as if I'm not even here.

And that's when the idea comes: who would miss me if I disappeared? Who? 

No-one, that's who. So, I'll run away. I'll run away and I won't come back.


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