The Corner Shop

Molly lives, but only just. Her parents are never home, constantly out drinking and at school she is taunted and beaten to the point of self-harm.
Milly lives, but only just. Her parents are never off her case, constantly putting down every effort she makes and at school she only has 'friends' who stab her back at every opportunity.
But when Milly runs away from home and hides in the abandoned corner shop on the edge of the village, she meets Molly. As their friendship blossoms, can they both save each other from the situations they're in?
*For the Dead Ends competition*


1. Chapter One

If only it wasn't so quiet. Even the noise of drunken laughter, or the clinking of beer bottles would be better than the ominous silence that fills my bedroom. The shadows roam around the walls and I follow them, desperately trying to distract myself from the lack of noise. 

I hate silence.

At least Mum and Dad will be back soon - they'll make a good racket tonight. If they've been out until two or later, they're always noisy. I detest their constant drinking, but at least, sometimes, they're in a jolly mood afterwards.


More like, once a blinking century.

Sighing, I run my fingers down my arm, wincing as my nails catch the fresh scars. I wish I could stop; I wish so badly that I could just be free of the pain, be free of the torment inside me. But as long as the girls at school are still around, as long as the whole school is still around, the boiling desire to let out the horrors from within will continue to burn. 

I hate them.

I hate my parents.

I hate my life.

If a murderer ran in here right now, I would beg them to shoot, to break this cycle of endless torture. Because I'm so tired. I'm so tired of being hated for no reason. They say dying is just like falling asleep forever; surely that's the perfect cure for me? I know that wherever I ended up, it would better than staying here, just sitting around, no end in sight.

Every day is the same, you know? I go to bed at night, alone, before my parents get back from the bars. I wake up and leave for school before they're even starting to emerge from their cocooning hangovers and I spend my day alone in lessons. At break times, I hide in the toilets, but it's lunch that ruins me. 

You aren't allowed through to the toilets until the end of lunch and so I'm stuck. If I go to get food, I'll be ambushed by the boys; if I sit at the tables, the girls throw food at me and shout at me and rip my bag open so everything spills out. And after school, if I don't run as fast as I can home, I get rocks chucked at me, or someone will come and beat me up. 

It's lucky I deleted my Facebook account a few weeks ago, because I don't think I'd be able to carry on if I saw what people might post on it. My phone was smashed ages back. 

Anyway, when I get home after school, I kinda just sit around. Waiting for the day I die. 

And whenever I pick up the razor blade, it seems like that day couldn't come sooner.

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