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1. Waking Up

What happened?

I open my eyes and look around.

My vision's blurry but I can tell I'm on the floor.

What did I do?

There's a pile if ashes in front of me.

Oh, God.


The whole place is vaporized. There's no walls, only boards here and there. The ceiling fan is melted White, paper like particles are floating through the air.

"No!" I manage to crawl across the floor to the pile. "I'm sorry. I so, so, sorry, Prim. What have I done?" I put my hand in the pile and the ashes just get smaller.

The ashes that were my sister.

"NOOO! NO!" I continue to scream like this, trying to pick up the ashes but they just dissipate in my hands.

"Stop it." I whisper to myself and get up off the floor.

My legs are shaky and I grab into to one of the boards for support but it just crumbles at my touch.

I sit back down on my knees and cry myself back to sleep.


I wake up with a start, and spin around towards the kitchen.

A black figure moves towards the door and I jump up on my feet.

"Who are you?" I yell out I hear the door open and race to the kitchen.

"Prim?" I call out. The door opens and I run towards it. Somebody's alive.

"PRIM!" The figure runs out the house the door slamming shut.

I wrench it open again and sprint out into the lawn.

The figure is almost gone by to have to catch it.

I trip and fall forward on my stomach.

"PRIM!! IM SORRY! PLEASE, STOP! PRIM?!" No. The figure is male. Definitely not Prim.

"No." I whisper to myself before falling asleep again.


It's night time now but there are no stars in the sky.

The spot where I fell asleep is now a dead patch of brown grass.

I feel the tears began to well at brim of my eyelids and all I want to go is may my head back down and die but I force myself to my feet and walk back to the house.

Back in the house I pick up a broom and a Tupperware container and hesitantly squat before my sister. Before I can sweep her ashes into the container however, both of the plastic items melt in my hands. I look at the shriveled bits for a second before throwing then across the room.

I'm not giving up that easily though.

This time I go into the kitchen to grab one of the only remaining glasses to try to scoop her ashes into.

As son as it's in my hand, it shatters.

"That makes no sense! It's not plastic. It shouldn't have done that." I whisper the last part and lay my head down beside her.

"Goodnight." I whisper. "I'm sorry."

And I drift back into a terrible sleep.

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