Angel Of Darkness

There was this ordinary girl Jesy. She just wanted to live a normal life with her mother.Everyday teen life. But she didn't expect this one boy to come and change her life competely. What happend when the rules came in their way? And the truth is not expected...


4. At Zayn's

I was having an opportunity to see his face closer. He was so beautiful. But I had no idea how to save myself. I heard the front door open. That's my mom! I'm saved!
Mom: Judy, are you here?
He didn't let go of me.
Mom: Judy, I know you're here. Your clothes is here. Where the hell are you?
I heard steps coming closer to the door and soon I heard a knock on it. He let go of me finally and went next to the open window. I still couldn't move.
Zayn: See you tonight.
He said that quiet and jumped out of the window. He would get hurt. No he won't, my room wasn't that high from the ground. 
Mom: Judy! Will you open this door? Why did you lock yourself?
I ran to the door and opened it.
Mom: Don't ever scare me like that! I thought that something happened to you.
Judy: It was nothing. My earphones were on so I didn't hear you.

I had to lie because she wouldn't be worried. 
Mom: Okay then. I see that I panicked for nothing.
She kiss me on my temple and she left. I closed the door and got on my bed. I started thinking what just happened. I won't tell anyone about that. How did he come in? The door was locked. Good thing I got dressed before he got into my room. I could still feel his lips on mine. They were so soft and wet. When Mike kissed me I didn't feel this. This is new for me. He was really beautiful while kissing me. Oh noooooooooooooo!!!! I just need to fall in love with him. I tried not to think about him but I couldn't. I fell asleep thinking about him.
I woke up and it was 6:23 pm. He will come in about 30 minutes and I don't think I could look him in the eyes. I decided to run away. I'll tell my mom that I'm going to visit my grandparents. I got ready fast because if I'm slow there's more chance that he would come on the door. Or the window? Nothing is weird.
I was walking on the street by the river. Suddenly I saw a car in front of me. I jumped to the side so I couldn't die but luckily the car passed me. But I had a problem. I was rolling down the hill to the river. I fell into the ice cold river. I tried to swim but I couldn't because of the cold water. I closed my eyes and waited to die. When I thought that I was dead someone's hand caught me and pulled me out of the water. All of the water came out of me. When I opened my eyes it was dark and I couldn't see the face of the person that saved me. I looked at the person and I knew the person is male. He started to rub my hands to warm me up. Even if I couldn't feel that it was calming. I could feel the very familiar scent. It was Zayn! I couldn't see his face clear but there was a light on his head. What was it? Who cares... I fell unconscious...
I opened my eyes and I was in a bed. Oh thank god, it was a dream. Wait a second! This is not my room! I started panicking. Maybe I was kidnapped. This is a boy's room. I could feel Zayn's scent in the room. It is his room. I tried to get up and I my legs felt weak so I fell on the ground. BOOM! Then Zayn came in the room and when he saw me he helped me get up on the bed.
Zayn: Are you okay?
Judy: Y-yes I am. Don't worry.
Zayn: Are you sure?

I nodded.
Zayn: C'mon down with me.
I shook my head because I didn't know where I am. I looked down and saw that I wasn't in my clothes. I was in a boy's clothes, his.
Judy: My clothes... where is it...
Zayn: Calm down! I had to get it of you because it was wet. Don't worry, it's safe and it's drying.
Judy: Wait! You changed my clothes?

He nodded.
Judy: That means you saw me without clothes. Completely naked!
He nodded again and made his sexy half smirk.
Judy: What? But-but... Oh... I'm so ashamed!
Zayn: There is nothing to be ashamed about. I could say that you look good.

He was just smiling.
Zayn: C'mon! Let's go down for some hot chocolate. You need it.
Judy: No way!
Zayn: Okay then!
He came close to me and I didn't know what he was gonna do now. Maybe to get me in bed and he had already kissed me and saw me naked. Wait a second! I'm already in his bed. Well done Judy! He took me in his arms and got me out of bed.
Judy: What are you doing?
Zayn: If you don't wanna come with me then I'll have to take you myself.
Judy: Let me go!
Zayn: Whatever you want!
He let go of me and I was falling but he caught me once more.
Judy: You don't have to.
He got me into the living room. It was all of wood like I wanted. He put me on the armchair and gave me my hot chocolate. 
Judy: So you live here?
I didn't look at him but I was sure he nodded.
Judy: It's really nice here!
I didn't get an answer. I remembered that I was wearing his clothes.
Judy: Please...
He looked at me.
Judy: ... don't tell anyone that you saw me naked. It's so uncomfortable.
Zayn: Don't worry! I won't! Besides I don't have anyone to talk to.
Judy: Why are you always alone?
Zayn: I think that you have a bigger problem than that.
He handed me my phone that didn't work now. My mom will get so worried.
Judy: What do I do now?
Zayn: I would recommend you think of a good excuse for this.
Judy: What time is it?
Zayn: 10:46 pm.
Judy: WHAT? My mom is going to worry so much. I'm dead.
I stood up.
Judy: Where is my clothes? Tell me!
Zayn: Calm down and sit down. It isn't completely dry. It will be dry till tomorrow.
Judy:WHAT? You want me to stay the night? No way! Where are your parent?
He didn't say anything.
Judy: I'm sorry but I can't stay here.
Zayn: Then go back home in my clothes and tell your mother where you were.
He was right.
Judy: Do you have a phone so I can call her?
Zayn: Yes, in the hall.
Judy: Where is the hall?
He showed me with his finger behind me. I just got there and found the phone. I typed her number and waited.
Mom: Hello?
Judy: Hey mom, it's me!
Judy: Calm down! I'm at Rose's house. I broke my phone.
Mom: Okay. You should have called earlier. I was gonna call the police.
Judy: Okay I gotta go now. Rose is waiting for me.
Mom: Okay okay.
I needed to get back to Zayn. I can't believe I'm spending the night here.


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