Angel Of Darkness

There was this ordinary girl Jesy. She just wanted to live a normal life with her mother.Everyday teen life. But she didn't expect this one boy to come and change her life competely. What happend when the rules came in their way? And the truth is not expected...


1. Beginning

ROSE: C'mon Judy! Run faster, we are late!
JUDY: If I run faster I would just faint right here!
ROSE: No, you won't. C'MON!!! There are just a few more streets till school.
JUDY: Uh! You are gonna pay for this running you know.
ROSE: Is it my fault that you always forget to turn on your alarm?!
JUDY: Well, if you didn't spend the whole time in McDonalds we would be in class by now!
ROSE: It's not my fault that they have to make a stupid smootie that slow.
JUDY: OK! It doesn't matter now. Just Run!!!

       I was starting to cross the street when I saw a truck coming my way when I was half way pass the street. I didn't know what to do. I heard Rose yelling at me.
ROSE: Judy... Watch out!!!
I closed my eyes waiting for the big monster to hit me any second now. But instead I just heard a loud crashing sound. I opened my eyes  and saw that the truck hit a tree. I was so shocked. What just happened? Rose ran my way and hugged me really tight. I was still looking at the broken truck. Suddenly the driver came out of the truck without a single cut or anything. The truck is broken and neither is the driver or me hurt. Something weird is happening here.
ROSE: You idiot! Don't ever scare me like that!
She hugged me even harder if that is even possible. I felt something wet on my shirt and I knew that she was crying.
ROSE: Never ever do this to me again!
I was still looking at the driver who was looking at his truck in disbelief and was holding his head. Not a single auto-mehanic can fix the truck now. It was broken but how come the driver and me aren't hurt at all. How am I still alive?
JUDY: We better get going before the driver kills me.
I took her hand and started to go to the other street. She wiped her tears and looked at me with her puffy and red eyes. 
ROSE: Do you wanna kill me? Do you wanna give me a heart attack on 17 years? I should hold your hand when you cross the street.
I felt weak on my legs so I just fell on my knees on the ground. Her mad face became a concerned one. She was looking at me with caring and she hugged me.
ROSE: Sorry I yelled at you, but you really scared me and I don't want anything bad to happend to you.
My eyes started to water and now I know that I was lucky to be alive.
ROSE: Hey, don't cry. Everything is gonna be okay.
I was just hugging her tight and wiping my eyes or her shirt.
ROSE: Trust me, if anyone has a guardian anger that is you.
I smiled a little but that was because I wanted to show her I was okay, but I didn't know what happend to me right now.
JUDY: Rose, tell me what just happend there? How am I still alive? How didn't the truck hit me?
ROSE: I really don't know! In one moment the truck is going your way and the next the truck has hit a tree. You are alive and the driver isn't even a little bit hurt but the truct is completely destroyed. I don't understand.

I just nodded my head and didn't want to ask her anything else cuz I saw that she didn't know what happend herself.
JUDY: I think that now we are really late for class.
She just looked at me and smiled.
ROSE: I think the same thing. Even if we teleport to our class we wouldn't be on time. And I'm not in a condition to go to school today. I got so scared that I don't remember what our school looked like, let alone listen to that chicken of a teacher.
That last sentence made me laugh.
JUDY: C'mon, let's go to our cafe.
We got up and went to our favourite cafe in town.
I was sitting on my bed and I logged in on Facebook. I was gonna take my phone when a noticification came on facebook. I looked at it.
Mike: Hey, why weren't you at school today? I was worried about you xx
I didn't reply to him, just logged out. I took my phone and called Rose.
ROSE: Hey!
JUDY: Hey Rose! I jst wanted to ask you a question.
ROSE: Okay.
JUDY: What will we say about missing school today?
ROSE: Don't worry. My aunt works at the hospital. Without a problem she will give a justification.
JUDY: It's good to hear that. One problem less. Good night and tomorrow come to my house so we can go to school together.
ROSE: I hope that you won't oversleep.
JUDY: Don't worry! I'll go to bed earlier today and turn on my alarm. Haha!
ROSE: Good night then.

As soon as she hung up I fell asleep.
I started to go the school bathroom because I had to wash my hands from the paint. We had art so that's why I'm a mess. It was better to not go to the bathroom. After me came Mike. I was washing my hands pretending that I don't see him.
Mike: Hey!
I didn't say anything to him.
Mike: So you don't wanna talk to me? Haha... We can do it that way.
I felt his hands on my waist and he pushed me against the wall. He was holding on my hands so tight so I couldn't move them.
Judy: Leave me alone.
Mike: Oh... Now you can listen to me?

He had a stupid smirk on his face.
Judy: Get away from me you dick. Let go of me!
Mike: No can do little girl.
Get got so close to me and I could feel gis breath on my face. 
Mike: You have to kiss me first.
Judy: Just dream you prick.
Mike: So you wanna play?

He put his wet lips on mine and I was standing not moving at all. I closed my eyes and with evry bit of strenght I had in my body I pussed him away from me. I slapped him across the face. 
Judy: You idiot! Why don't you just disapear?
Mike: You little...

When he wanted to come close to me again someone opened the bathroom door. He just stopped and started walking towards the door. But before he got out he loked at me and through his teeth said: "We haven't finished". Thank god that this girl came in and saved me from him even if she doesn't know she saved me.
I was sitting in the dinning room with my mom and eating dinner. I was eating peas that became mashed peas from playing with it.
Mom: Are you gonna eat that or you gonna make the poor pea mashed?
Judy: I'm not hungry.
Mom: Is there something wrong?
Judy: No... I'm just not hungry.
Mom: Well you can go to your room if you want.

I got into my room and just fall asleep.
The stupid noice tha woke me up came from my jacket. I got my phone from my jacket and saw that I have 17 missed calls and 4 messages. My phone started to ring again.
Judy: Hello?
Rose: Girl, what is wrong with you?
Judy: People sleep at 6:45 am.
Rose: Doesn't matter. I have to tell you something important!
Judy: What?
Rose: MIKE IS DEAD!!! 

Author: Hi this is my first story on Movellas. Hope you like it. It's always going to be this long. Bye!!!

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