The Stupid Simple Thing He Said

When Kerri moves to London to live with her aunt after her parents die, she thinks life is never going to be better. Then she meets this guy at school and ends up going through a bunch of stuff because of him and then she just wants ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with him. But then something happens... and she just can't let go of her feelings for him. All because of some stupid, simple, thing he said.


1. When They Left Me

               I was walking down the street on my way home from school. With some of my best friends, Cara and Lizzie. I was listening to one of my favorite songs, Yellow by Coldplay, and I could hear nothing from the outside world. A lot of people say I shouldn't do that... tune out the world, I mean. They say that if I do that I won't be able to see the beauty around me. There is no beauty in this world. Whatsoever. You are born and then you age and go through crap and then you die off slowly and then you are gone. And it sucks when you die and leave people to carry on and try and get through and try to... keep going. I should know...

That's what my parents did to me.

    I was, again, walking down the street and I got a phone call. I answered my phone and said the standard greeting, "Hello?". The next few words crushed me. My friends stopped and looked at me. "What?" they both asked me. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't think, and I felt as if I could no longer live.

     "C-Could you repeat that please?" I say shakily. What I heard next was a blow to the heart. Like I had just been shot. I put her on speaker so my friends could hear because, well, I just simply could not repeat it. "Your parents were killed in a fatal car accident. I'm so so sor-" I clicked the end button and hung up. I leaned into Lizzie's arms and started sobbing. And of course, it started to rain and that's when I just simply started to hate the world. I hated everything that had to do with anything. And, quite frankly, I just wanted to die.



     The funeral was three weeks after I got the call. During those few weeks I was in charge of cleaning out my mother and father's office. I was also forced to put all of our things in a long term storage unit. Like, the furniture and the coffee pot and all the things that I wouldn't be able to take with me to my estranged aunt's house. I don't know her very well... all I know is that I'll have to change from living in Pensacola, Florida to London, England. Quite a change I must say. I got to the airport from the social worker lady's car and turned to say goodbye to my friends.

    Lizzie was a short, brunette who was in love with the 80's. She loved Bruce Springsteen and she enjoy's watching the old MTV programs that used to come on. She was a Mexican who wasn't proud of her heritage and preferred American culture. Cara was a sporty, nerdy girl and loved to play field hockey but loved to do math all day everyday. I would miss these girls, because I have no idea how I'm going to make friends with people who are from an entirely different culture and grew up completely different. 

    They hugged me and told me they would visit and I cried and laughed when Cara said she wouldn't because she hates planes and then they called my flight and I got on and I cried and, well, it was sad and I wish I would never go through a goodbye like that again. I got on the plane and silently prayed that my life would be better here. That I would fit in.


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