She's not Afraid

Charlie Evergreen isn't your average 19 year old. She was taken when she was thirteen, kidnapped by some of her closest friends. She was taken to a secret compound, far in the merciless regions of the Mojave Desert.
That's when the truth came out. That almost 500 children are taken every year, mostly from poorer homes. The agency Charlie was at, had missions to retrieve those kids, to step in when the police failed.
So she joins. When she turns 19, she gets a mission. To kidnap Niall Horan, world-famous boy band star, and recruit him. How hard can it be?


1. Chapter 1: Prologue

 Hello. My name is Charlie Evergreen. I better explain my job. I work for a covert, private-funded organization., called Optimum You see, every year, almost 500 kids are kidnapped. We believe they are all associated with one another, an intertwined web of crime.

         We have The Plan which will uncover the web of
malfeasance. The police always find out about the children's kidnappings, but always give up after a little while. You see, the kidnappers are very clever. They cover their crimes with the expertise of all the world's terrorists, put together. The crime scenes are so immaculate, that most of these seizures are mistaken for runaway kids cases. The police assume the kid's on the lam, and never recover them.

        The families of the missing kids can't afford to hire a private investigator once the police close the case. The families are normally the poorer people of society, in the deepest dregs of poverty. I guess The Boss, we call him Phil, wanted to help the families. I never met Phil, and I'm a senior agent. I'm one of the best.

        I was kidnapped like many other recruits. I was walking home with three friends; Maddie, Chloe, and Sara . Maddie and Chloe knocked us out, ouch, and simply took us. They were like super humans. I was so petrified. How could two 13 year olds do this?

         They were raised in our facilities, their parents were agents themselves. They were ordered to get close to Sara and I, then take us to the facility. The facility is a huge undercover operation in the Mojave Desert, called Optimum. They succeeded, but accidentally became our real friends. Oops. They took us to the compound, where we were given information about the cult.

        I was given two choices. The first was to join their cult. The second was to take this memory serum. I would lose all memory of the last 24 hours, and I could return home. I almost took the serum option. I remembered something though. I hated being underestimated. Nobody took me seriously because I was a little crazy and not really pretty.

        I decided to stay. They only asked me to stay for my teen years, and they would pay for my college. Plus, they could pull strings and get me into any school, job, etc. I wanted. Not to mention, I liked the idea of being an underdog, an unsung hero.

Anyway, I was allowed one trip back home to explain. It killed me to do it, so I sugar-coated it. I told them I would be back soon. Yeah, I lied. So now I help the helpless. I can fight several people at once and still overpower them, I can fire a gun with deadly precision, I can even work with bombs. That's just what we do here. It's my normality, as improbable as it seems. But all that changed, with one recruiting assignment...


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