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My name is Abby, I'm have strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm very thin thigh gap and everything. Yay... I'm a youtuber which makes things better... I'm at vidcon.... If you wanna see my journey from here and then on... Read this story. I hope you like it! xxx


1. 1

Abby's POV

I woke up to the sun shining in though the curtains of my hotel. I lazily got out of the comfy hotel bed and grabbed clothes out of my suitcase and went into the bathroom and changed. I took a shower last night so I didn't take one in the morning. I put on my loose grey shirt and then pulled on my black high waisted shorts and tucked my shirt in. I pulled on a flannel and left it un-buttoned. I put some socks on and then my black converse. I loosely curled my hair and did my usual makeup. Simple eyeliner with a wing and Chapstick and covering up any flawed places. I put on a necklace with a paper air plane charm on it. Then pulled on my bracelets that I have gotten from some of my fans, friends and just some that I have bought. I got my phone off it's charger and put it in my back pocket. I left my hotel room to go to Zoella's and Alfie's. After I got to there door I knocked repeatedly to annoy them. They answered quickly well Zoey did.

"Hey." She said and we hugged.

"Hi one of my favorite British people." I said pulling away and she laughed. I walked in and Marcus, Niomi, Caspar, Troye, Louise, Tanya, Jim, Joe and Louis were there including zalfie.

"Well I thought I was early but I guess not." I stated and some people laughed.

"Everyone ready!" Zoey exclaimed getting their attention. Everyone started to get up and we all walked into the hall and down the elevator so we could get to the convention center. We got into a car or two and drove off. Once we got there which took only a few minutes. Me and zoey were in conversation while everyone else was having there own too.

"So anyone that you fancy here?" She asked.

"Yes just not in our little group thing." I laughed.

"Oh who?"

"Kian." I said quietly.

"From O2L?" And asked.

"Yah but don't say anything."

"I promise I won't."

"Thank you."

"Oh and good luck with your performance and that." She said giving me a little push.

I ran into someone.

"Sorry." I said and looked up to see Kian Lawley.

"It's fine. I'm Kian."

"I know I have seen your videos." I said stepping back so I'm not up in his space.

"I have seen hours too you're really funny and have an amazing voice."

"Really?" I asked and he nooded. "Thanks."

"No problem. Can I get your number?" He asked shakily.

"Ya-yah." I studdered.

We exchanged numbers.

"I will text you I got to catch up with the guys."

"K bye."

"Bye." He said running to catch up with the guys. I went sat down close to where to my friends were but not completely next to them.

I felt my gone vibrate and I looked at it. It was kian, I looked up and saw him looking at me and we smiled at each other (kiandrea is over ); ).

Kian: hi :)

Me: hi (:

Kian: we should go to Disney land with our friends it's down the street

Me: okay I will get some I don't have anything to do today

Kian: okay I got Connor, and Sam to go.

I went into our little group thing going on.

"Who wants to go to Disney land?" I asked.

Zoey, joe, Alfie, Louise, Tanya, Jim, and Caspar wanted to go.

Me: I got my people (:

Kian: meet us outside :)

Me: okay

Kian: okay

"Come on guys." I said putting my phone in my back pocket.

We went out the back door to meet Kian, Connor and Sam to leave.

We got into two cars joe, me, and kian in the back seat of a car with Louise in the front. Then Caspar, Zoey, and Alfie in the back of another car with tanha squished in too with Jim in the front. Our drivers started to drive.

Me: awkward silence.

Kian: yep

I got on too twitter and decided to take a selfie of us in the car. The caption said: in the car with these two plus Connor in the front!

And then I tagged them and posted it. After a little bit we got to Disney. We got our very expensive tickets. Why Disney why?

We all go into the park.

Me, kian, and Sam were hanging out because Connor went with the British youtubers.

"What ride first?" Kian asked.


"What?" They asked.

"There fun don't blame me."

"How about the Matterhorn because the lines will get long.

"Yas!" I exclaimed. We walked to the Matterhorn it took about 15 minutes to get on it thankfully. It was so fun, I love the Matterhorn. We went on splash mountain and then space mountain and the thunder mountain railroad one. That one is my favorite. Then we went to the other side of the park. We went on soarin over California, toy story, cars racers, tower of terror and California screamin.

After the rides we decided to play some games. Kian won me a big stuffed banana. Sam didn't really play. But us three played the water game, Sam won at that.

"Food?" Kian asked.

"Yes please." I said and we went to get food. We ate at a little cafe thing in downtown Disney. When we were walking there Kian gave me a piggy back ride.

I took a selfie of us in the Mickey ears that we saw in a store we didn't buy them though. We started messing around and Kian picked me up bridal style.

"Kian!" I exclaimed laughing.

"I'm not putting you down."

"I'm actually fine with that." I said and Sam laughed.

"Couse you love me."

"No cause my feet hurt." I said and he put me down.

"That's what you get." He said and me and Sam started laughing.

"I think he likes you." Sam whispered in my ear and I blushed.

We were walking side by side. Me and Kian's hands kept touching and then after a little bit he held my hand. We interlocked fingers and I blushed big time.

"Connor said that they are leaving." Sam said.

"Okay we can still stay." Kian said.

"I'm gonna go catch up with them." Sam said.


"Your welcome." Sam whispered to me before he left.

"Finally." Kian spoke.

"What?" I asked.

"Now we are alone." He smiled.

"Yep." I responded.

We walked around until it was time to close. We watched the water show.

"Wanna go explore Anaheim?" Kian asked.


We were walking around for hours. I took a selfie of us and posted it on twitter saying: Been out for hours with this guy. About 11 hours.... :)

We finally decided to go back to the hotel and when we got back it was about 3 in the morning and we were really tired. He just went to my room with me so he wouldn't wake up Sam. I changed into some sweats and a t-shirt and put my hair Ina messy bun.

"Let's look at some of the comments on the pictures." I said to kian and he agreed. We spent a good 30 minutes looking at them.

"Abbian." Kian spoke.

"Our ship name is cute."

"It is." He agreed. I shut my laptop and put it on the floor. Me and kian snuggled into each other.

"Wanna do a collab tomorow?" I asked.

"Sure." He mumbled and we both fell asleep.

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