👬Our New Brothers👬

When five moms go on blind dates they each find a man and those men are the fathers of One Direction and the moms have one child each named Kate, Ally, Kim, Jenny and Victoria. Will the girls fall in love with their new brothers or will they wish they never met? Or will they first feel hatred and end in love? Find out soon!


1. ✈️Airport Ride To Malibu✈️

Kate's Pov

Today me and the girls are moving to Malibu because our moms Julie, Alyssa, Sophia, Kimberly and Jade all went on blind dates and met five guys their names were Mark Tomlinson, Yaser Malik, Bobby Horan, Geoff Payne, and Des Styles.

"You ready?" my mom Kimberly asked me.


We arrived at the airport and the girls aka Victoria, Jenny, Kim and Ally ran up to me.

"Omg girl guess what" Jenny yelled "Hmm let me guess you can't believe that Liam Payne is your new brother and so wish you could sleep with him every night" I told her.

"How'd you know"

"Because you tell us every day!" I yelled!

We just got on the plane and it was Victoria and Kim, Me and Jenny, Ally and her mom Alyssa, Julie and Sophia and Kimberly with Jade.

-Off The Plane-

Looks like our new brothers are...

My new brother was Zayn, Jenny had Liam, Victoria had Harry, Kim had Niall and Ally got Louis.

We have a dream life!


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