All i could remember were his green eyes
They had me in a spell
Stop being stupid Amelia
He kidnapped you
Your mind reminded u
Hes a killer
Not a lover


1. Evil's eyes

|| Harry Styles

Chapter 1: Evil's Eyes


I made my way through the sweaty bodies who were grinding on each other till I finally reached my destination...which was bar.I sat down on the chair and looked for my friend in the dance floor but I couldn't see now I was stuck in this disgusting place with drunk hormonal teenagers who don't even know what they're doing.

''Do you want anything beautiful.'' the bartender asked and gave me a friendly smile.

''No thank you,I'm fine.'' I said and smiled back at him not wanting to be rude.He nodded his head and walked away just when Ana's phone started ringing in my hands.Shit! It's my mum.I forgot my phone home and she must be worried now.I answered it quickly but I couldn't hear much because of the loud music.

"Yes...mum?...yeah I'm fine we're coming in a while...what?No mum I'm not drunk...I forgot it...ok bye." I rolled my eyes and hung up.Why does she always have to assume that I'm drunk when I don't answer my phone?I just forgot it.I sighed and run a hand through my hair.Now let's see how I'm gonna get home.I stood up and started walking around the crowded club thinking that I could find my friend Ana and I did. As soon as I saw her dyed blonde hair I walked straight to her and grabbed her by her arm.

"Easy there." she said and stumbled over her own feet obviously drunk. Oh joy who's gonna drive us back home?I swear to god this is the last time I come to a place like this.

"You're wasted!How much did you drink?" I asked her frustrated rubbing the back of my neck.

"Not much." she said making weird faces and giggled afterwards.I guess a lot.

"What am I supposed to do now Ana?" I took her hand and placed her phone angrily on her palm and she frowned but didn't do anything.

"Go home I-I'll stay with M-Marcus,he will take me home later." she said and walked away with the can of beer in her hand.Ana I absolutely hate you right now! I made my way to the entrance and walked outside.I should have taken my own car,yeah that's exactly what I'm doing next time.I started walking down streets looking around me to see if anyone was there or following me.I was really scared especially these days because I heard on TV that there were some criminals around the city and it wasn't safe for anyone anymore,especially for a 19 year old girl walking alone in the middle of the night in a bad neighborhood like this.Now I hate them even more.What if anything happens to me? You'll be fine my inner voice said.

"Oh god." I whispered lowering my head.

"Come back you bastard." I heard someone yell and I jumped in my spot.I heard glass shattering and more screams and looked around panicked.This isn't good.This is so not good.I sped my pace and I thought that I was safe until I heard another sound,then I started running in hopes to get away from all this but eventually ended up in a dark alley.I rested my body on the wall and stayed like that for a while until my breathing came back to its normal state and my heart stopped pounding like crazy against my chest.

But when I thought I was safe from the end of the alley appeared a figure running towards me.I froze in my place, I couldn't move a muscle and things got worse when another man appeared and I think he was chasing the first one.

"You can't leave." said the second man when he reached the other one.I was still in my spot looking at them with my blue eyes wide open as the stronger one started beating the other one to death.I wanted to look away and run but for some strange reason I couldn't my eyes were glued on them.

"Please I have a family." said the one who was lying on the ground helpless and the one who had curly hair from what I could see punched him again on the face showing no merci.

"You should had thought of that before you decided not to bring me my money."said the curly haired one and punched him one more time leaving him there dead on the ground with a pool of blood around his body.I placed my hand in front of my mouth to stop myself from screaming out loud and shook my head in complete shock.

When the blood touched my shoes I realized how close I actually was and I freaked out again turning my gaze back to the two man.The curly haired one took a few steps away from the lifeless body of the poor man and wiped away the blood from his face making me cringe. Then all of a sudden his head turned to me and my blood froze in my veins,he took a few steps closer till his face was visible in the moonlight and that's when I was met with the evil's eyes.


Hope you like it,I promise it will get better :)

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