How To Survive With Mr. Styles.

•–ON HOLD!!–•
Lottie Seas is just a Fashion freak applying for a job at Styles Vogue. A company created by the handsome, cocky, arrogant, and possessive Harry Styles. Ecstatic to get the job she's always wanted, Lottie finds out something that leaves her in a horrible situation. Harry-- otherwise known as Mr. Styles-- has slept with all his female employees. But there's one problem with Lottie-- She's a virgin. With Mr. Possessive not leaving her alone until she sleeps with him, Lottie begins to see the complications that have entered her life. Trying to fake not being a virgin, and stay away from Mr. Styles are two things that are close to impossible.

But at least she can write additional notes on How To Survive With Mr. Styles.


1. Interviews And Job Winner.

"You got an interview?!?" My mum grinned at me.

"Yes! They liked my application and are giving me an interview in about an hour!" I was so excited.

I had just received an e-mail from Styles Vogue, The most famous fashion company in London. They had told me that they liked my application to get a job there, and gave me an interview. 

I was a complete fashion freak. I had been hoping and praying that they'd accept me, and give me a job in their office.

I had recently moved into a huge house, in a very expensive neighbourhood.

 "Alright darling, I should be heading home now. Congratulations sweety! But if you only have an hour, you should get ready." She stood up grabbing her purse and coat.

"Shit, you're right."

I watched as my mum walked outside, but not before giving me a kiss on the cheek and telling me to do my best.

After she was out of sight, I ran up the stairs to get ready.

I put on a lacy white crop top, and a black and white skirt. Then I put on black heels and a black and white cardigan that covered the little skin on my back that was shown, but the front was in full view. 

For jewellery, I put on a black necklace and a bracelet that was connected to a ring. I also put on a pretty black ring with a white stone on the other hand.

For makeup I put on some black eyeliner and a little white eye shadow. I put some Eos on, and that was it for make up. 

I put my hair in a pretty, yet slightly messy bun.

I grabbed my sun glasses, putting them on as I walked down the stairs.

I grabbed my phone as I nodded in approval at my look.

I went into the garage, opening the door so I could get my car out.

As soon as my car was on the street, I pressed the remote button that closed the door and checked the time.

8:35. A.M. Perfect. My interview started at 9:00 A.M. I could make a quick stop at Starbucks.

As soon as I entered Starbucks, the smell of coffee hit me making me grin.

 I walked up to the barista as soon as it was my turn.

"Hello, and welcome to Starbucks! What would you like?" She smiled brightly at me.

"Can I get a Mocha cookie crumble frappuccino?" I smiled at her.

"Coming right up!" She smiled happily back.

"Name?" She asked me with a cup In one hand, and a marker in the other.

"Put it under Seas." I used my last name instead of my first.

"Alright! You're order should be done in a few minutes." 

I turned around, and let me just say-- I'm probably the most clumsiest person in the world.

'Cause as soon as I turned around, I stumbled into a large, and hard frame.

I could feel the anger and dominance burning off his aura.

He was dressed in a suit-- that in my defence, was absolutely amazing. It was obvious that this millionaire was wearing Gucci, that made me as jealous as people can get. He was obviously someone with good taste.

I looked up, frightened when my delicate green eyes met angry dark green ones.

The man suddenly pulled the right side of his lips up in a smirk, a cute little dimple popping out.

I almost laughed when I noticed that such a scary man had dimples and curly brown hair.

Amusement flashed in his eyes as I stumbled away from him.

I watched him with weary eyes as his dark forest green ones trailed down my body, his smirk becoming a lot wider. 

"Seas, and Edward!" The Barista called.

I turned around to grab my frappucchino, when a long arm reached out to grab a drink under the name 'Edward.' 

I turned around to see the scary man staring at me as if he was looking into my soul.

"Uh- S-Sorry." Was all I could stammer out, before quickly leaving the shop, and into the safety of my car.

I couldn't even breathe in there. There was such a strong aura radiating off of him that just made you want to run into a corner and cry.

I shook my head to get rid of the man in the Gucci suit, and made my way to Styles Vogue.

I pulled into the parking lot of the huge building. I'm not even kidding when I say huge.

I stepped into the lobby, and went up to the front desk.

"Hello." The lady smiled at me sweetly. "How may I help you?"

"Hi," I stated nervously, "I'm applying for a job? Here to meet.... You know, the e-mail just said Styles Vogue at the end." I laughed awkwardly.

"Can I see the e-mail? If you don't mind, of course." I think I'm going to like this woman.

I showed it to her, and she grinned.

"Ah yes. You must be Charlotte Seas." She stated.

"Actually, I prefer Lottie." I smiled brightly.

"Alright Lottie. You have an interview with Mr. Tomlinson, and Miss. Calder. On the 15th floor."She explained.

"15th floor?!? How man floors does this company have?!?" I exclaimed.

My eyes widened, as I covered my mouth in embarrassment.

The lady only laughed, and told me that she was shocked too.

"I hope you get the job," she smiled widely, "you fit in perfectly here." My smile widened as she said this.

"Thank you...." I trailed off not knowing her name.


"Thank you Emerald." I smiled at her as I made my way towards the elevator.

I got into the elevator alone, when all of a sudden the lobby doors slammed open, and everyone froze.

"Good morning Mr. Styles." Emerald smiled.

My eyes widened at the name. The guy who would be my boss if I get the job.

She seemed completely normal, whereas everyone else kept their gaze down as if they were frightened by their boss.

And that's when I felt it-- The horribly strong aura I had felt not to long ago.

I quickly kept pressing the 15th floor button, so I wasn't able to meet my soon to be, or soon not to be boss, but a dress shoe quickly came in between the doors, causing them to open.

When the creator of Styles Vogue entered the elevator, it seemed as though he hadn't noticed me as his finger slammed into the last floor, that was the 31st floor.

I whimpered as his hand came down forcefully on the button, causing him to realise my existence.

I looked up to be met with the same dark green eyes I had seen in Starbucks.

I felt my mouth drop, as he looked a little surprised too.

that surprise look was gone soon though.

"Well, Well, Well." His deep voice echoed throughout the tiny confinement of the elevator.

My eyes widened as he walked towards me until my back was pressed into the wall behind me.

His hips were brushing on mine lightly.

"Good morning Mr. Styles." I was trying to be as professional about this as I could.

"Hm," He nodded back, "so what brings you to my company?" 

I cleared my throat before answering. "I put in a job application. Today's my interview."

His smirk widened, as his dimple became more defined.

"Wonderful." It was as if he knew something that I didn't, as he let me go.

After what seemed like ages with Mr. Styles staring at me, the 15th floor finally arrived.

I let out a sigh of relief as I walked into the floor.

Everyone was glancing at me with approving looks, making me glad I had impressed them all.

I walked up to what looked like the main desk.

"Hello." I greeted politely.

"Hi there!" She was much younger then Emerald, but still just as kind.

"What can I help you with?" She smiled.

"I have a job interview with.... Mr. Tomlinson, and Miss. Calder?" 

The girl rolled her eyes with a grin.

"If you called them that, they'd give you a whole lecture of why you shouldn't call them old." I laughed, wanting to meet everyone who works here. "I'm Danielle, by the way. You can call me Dani though." 

"Alright Dani," I smiled, "I'm Charlotte. But you can call me Lottie." 

"Charlotte Seas?" I turned towards the man who had called my name.

"Your interview is ready. Room 8." He stated walking away.

   I walked towards a room with an 8 on the side.

When I opened the door, I was met with a laughing girl running away from a boy who was smiling widely.

I smiled as I watched the pair.

Suddenly I was noticed, and they stopped immediately.

"Charlotte. Are you ready for your interview?" The boy said bluntly as He and the girl sat down on the couch.

I made my way over to the chair after saying a happy "Yes."

"Alright. Let's begin." The girl smiled.

"I'm Eleanor, you can call me El, though. And this is my boyfriend Louis." She smiled.

"Name?" Louis asked bluntly.

"Uh... You said my name when I came in....?" Confusion hit me.

"Name?" He asked again.

".... Charlotte Seas.... But I prefer Lottie." I smiled lightly.

"You're hired!" Louis grinned.

What the hell?

"Really?!? And this whole time I was freaking out over a few questions!!! But you just asked me my name!" I jumped happily up and down with the other two nut jobs in the room.

"My sisters name is Charlotte. She prefers Lottie too." Louis explained. "I guess it's just a Charlotte thing." 

"Wait... Shouldn't you be like... Making sure I'm Fashionable enough, and knowledgeable enough?" I questioned.

"Girl, When you walked in I was like-- Damn, she belongs here. You're one of the most fashionable people in this whole building." El winked.

"Oh my gosh.... Thank you!!!" I jumped to hug both of them.

"Want to see your room?" El asked me.

"Can I?!?" I asked excitedly.

El nodded as we walked out of the door and to the elevator, Louis following closely behind.

When we entered the room, Louis pressed the 30th floor.

"I'm on the second to last floor?!?" My mouth dropped.

"Yup!" Louis grinned,

When the door opened, I noticed how less people were here.

"GUYS!" El shouted.

All of a sudden three guys, and two girls appeared.

"Guys, this is Lottie." Louis introduced.

"Hi. I'm Liam." A cute boy with a buzz cut introduced.

"I'm Niall." A boy with blonde hair, and the cutest blue eyes said.

"I'm Zayn. Hello." Zayn had black hair with a cool blonde streak in the front.

"I'm Perrie, Zayn's girlfriend. Hey." A girl with blonde hair and blue eyes grinned.

"I'm Adeline, Niall's girlfriend." A girl with long blonde hair, and hazel eyes stated.

"Hey there! I'm Lottie." I grinned.

"Oh! Dani works up here too. She's just covering for someone today." Liam said. "She's my girlfriend."

So everyone was in a relationship. Pout.

"Yeah. I saw her on the 15th floor.

"Are you dating anyone?" Adeline asked.

"Nope. I'm as single as they get." I smiled.

"Let me show you your room now!" El pulled me down the hall.

She opened the door to a room made out of glass. 

One whole wall was glass overlooking the city. A desk on the side, a couch on the other. 

"This is amazing." I breathed out with my mouth gaped open.

"I knew you'd love it." El giggled.

"Welcome to Styles Vogue."




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