Pen Pal Liam Payne Fan Fiction


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Sarah's P.O.V

"Sarah wake up your going to be late.'' Mom said yelling at top of her lungs. Great now what. "I'm not going." I said in a raspy voice." Do you want me to get the bat or your going to get your lazy ass down here." She screamed out. I knew when she brought up a bat that is not good. I standed up and went to the mirror to check if my ..scar was gone but it wasn't. So I entered the shower and hit myself with the stupid bar. I know for sure today is going to be bad." Sarah you have 2 minutes TO GET DOWN HERE!" She said furiously. Oh god this woman wants me to be like superman and fly over to her. I quickly grabbed the first clothes and put it on. I grabbed my books rapidly and came marching down to the kitchen. I couldn't believed it she was actually cooking.First time in years." Your rachet friends are here." She said annoyed. " Thanks." I sarcastically said to her. I went to look outside and there were my two besties waiting outside Nataly's car. I hoped in and they were silent until we got to school. Ugh school it's like the living hell where people pretend who they are and be mean to the people who are true to themselves like Me, Nataly, and Amber. While Nataly is parking her car me and Amber are entering hell great. I read a sign while were entering it says IF YOU ARE A LOSER LIKE SARAH MILLER AND HER STUPID FRIENDS THEN GET OUT OF THE COUNTRY AND NEVER COME BACK!" I felt like crying but I knew who would have wrote this shit. It's called Catherine the wicked witch of the west. I looked at Amber of what her reaction was but she started laughing.'' There stupid how can we get out of the country if were only 17 that's stupid LOL!" I giggled of the way Amber's face. I went to go to my locker and Catherine was coming to my direction." Didn't you read the sign GET OUT!" She screamed. I can feel the burning blood going through my veins right now I feel like I can do anything. That's when I did. I got all my force and punched her across the face. She pushed me down and slapped me a bunch of times. I can hear the people saying " FIGHT!" I saw little birds around my head.

The only I can see is black.

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