The Love Bite

Niall Horan , a typical guy who lives with his family, gets bitten by a strange wolf at a camping trip and a few days after, realises that he has been a werewolf . He meets Jade, a girl that works at a supermarket but is mermaid ! Jade makes a music group and meets again Niall a competition where their bands must be compete each other ...who's gonna win ? This story is a fanfiction and only names are real.The characters have no links with reality.


15. One direction?What?

Niall's POV

All night we were watching the sea with my lovely Jade. I know I love her so much but I'm worried about our secrets.What will happened if I will bite her under the full moon or damage her?That's my biggest fear about our relationship.We decided to watch a movie together at her house tonight. I'm afraid of Perrie's reaction when she knows that I'm werewolf.

Now I'm going at home.Oh,Liam will make me spill the beans for everything about yesterday night. I open the garden door and find Liam playing with Jack.He turns and look at me like he saw a ghost.

"Whoa Niall , you scared me crazy person!Where were you last night , because your bed was empty!" he says and rises his eyebrow.

"Well, I was with...Jade" I say .

"So you and Jade..." He says with a look that says : You're guilty mr.Horan!

"Yes we date Liam!Oh I can't believe that we finally date with this wonderful girl!You can't believe my happiness right now!" I start.

"Yes I saw some happiness behind your ear a few seconds ago." he says and we laugh."Oh you said Jade and I remembered to tell you something.Guess who just called before you come!" he changes the theme of our discussion.

"Who ?"

"Zayn! He came back from his trip to India and when he learned that a music competition will be here he thrilled and now he wants to take part as a group."

"Which group?"

"You know man, the group that we had made when we were 17. Harry , Louis, Zayn , you and I ."

"Oh you must be kidding man!You know that I have to talk to Louis since then! Well I don't thinks that is a good idea."

"You can't say anything yet, because we arranged to make a meeting to discuss about it in an hour here."

"What?Oh, Liam you know that I can't stand Louis!Before the band be dissolved, I had been fighting with him for everything and.."

"Guys come to eat! " my mum interrupts.

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