An Irreplacable New Love

It is the story of a girl who accidentally comes to the shower of One Direction
and she meets Zayn personally coming to finish brushing. The girl, known as Sandy (Sandra) is the daughter of a man working at the Santiago Bernabéu, where the band gives a concert that night. Sandy is not a fan of One Direction, but over time, that will change… (English verssion)


1. Directioners

Sandy lives in Madrid, Spain.
She´s 17 years old and she lives with her dad in the centre of the city. She´s a beautiful girl, just like her mum, who left her when she was only 5 years old.
She´s a big football fan, her dream is meet Real Madrid C.F. team and her father works
at the team´s stadium.
One sunny summer day Sandy´s dad, Javier has an accident, and he has a knee fracture, that day he can´t go to work so he sends her daughter to do some work left in the stadium. He told her that in the evening a big music band is coming to give a concert and she have to welcome them,show them the stage, dressing rooms and treat them well.
- Take care, Sandy!-said Javier
- Don´t worry, dad. I won´t make any mistakes-says Sandy-I´ll call your friend, how it's called ...? Luis! to take care of you until I come- and she leaves home.
Sandy misses her mum "Wish you were here, mum" and after 10 minutes she arrives at the stadium.

Sandy saw a big poster on the facade of the stadium, there were five beautiful boys, the band´s name was One Direction and a lot of girls with a posters were shouting. "So stupids" thought Sandy. The Beautiful stadium was full of girls of all ages, the youngest girls were accompanied with their mothers and there were fathers, too.

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