Daddy's Little Girl - Two

Sequel to Banga! Banga! - This is about Aurora Esme Horan and her father Niall. At first it's about Niall and all the difficulties with being a father. He promised to protect her. Will he keep that promise? Will she turn out to be a good kid? Will he be a good father like Leela said? (on hold but made when i was 11 or 12 so beware! XD )


1. Chapter One!

Previously -

"It's okay... You can go... I love you, I always will love you. I will raise our little girl to become a beautiful sweet lady. She's gorgeous. I wish you could see her. I promise I'll protect her. You weren't suppose to die now. You have at least fourteen more months. You weren't suppose to leave me. Or our daughter." I barely spoke as I cried into her neck. "Watch us... Watch over us. I want you to see the beautiful woman she will become. I want you to help me be a daddy. I want to be a good father. I don't even know who to be a father." I cried harder.

"You'll be a great father, Niall. A wonderful one. And you were a great boyfriend. I trust you. I love you. I love you so so much. I love you and our beautiful Aurora Esme Horan." Leela whispered. And then the heart machine showed the flat line.



Niall has been in that room for over two hours holding her, crying in her neck. I feel so bad for that boy. He loved her more than anything in the world, and suddenly she dies.

I can't believe she's gone. Not her. She was so... so... I don't know. She was like my little sister. Hell, she was everybody's little sister.

I miss her already. That little girl in the nursery, her little girl, she looks just like Lee... I can't say her name, it hurts worse... If that's even possible.

When Harry found out that she... she... you know... he flipped out. I mean he was so outraged. He blamed the baby and Niall. Mostly Niall, I've never seen him like that. He was yelling,

'HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN!?! SHE HAD FOURTEEN MORE MONTHS!! HOW COULD SHE JUST... JUST LEAVE?!' He turned his head to the nursery. 'THAT BABY! THAT BABY KILLED HER!' His hand went through his hair and then pulled at the roots. 'NIALL DONE THIS! ITS HIS FUALT SHE EVEN HAD A BABY!'

The nurse was telling him to calm down then a doctor came out and told him to leave. He looked around, and just walked out. I thought he was about to kill someone. I thought he was going to beat the hell out of Niall. The way Niall looked, he was going to let him.

He looked finally broken, like someone came in and sucked all the life out of him. Like he couldn't keep living if she isn't here, right beside him, clinched to his side.

Sometimes, I think if I close my eyes and open them, she will wake up, saying some random thing just to annoy Niall. Then he would just roll his eyes and we'd all laugh and I'd take her side and we'd annoy them all together.

I think Niall thinks the same thing. Damn I think everybody thinks that.

He needs to eat. He hasn't ate for a whole day. I look at him, but immediately look away, it's too painful. He's just clinched to her, like if he holds her for just one more second, she will wake up.

"Niall, mate, let's go.." I try to say without breaking down, but my voice betrays me by cracking.

"No, no, no. I can't leave her. I can't leave her. I can't leave her... She can't leave me. She can't leave me." He kept repeating. Shaking his head. Tears pouring down his face. "Wake up, baby. Wake up. Help me. Help me. Help me raise our daughter. She looks just like you. Please. Please. Don't leave me. Don't leave me." He barely speaks.

"Niall, come on mate. She isn't coming back..." I start but he interrupts. "NO, DON'T YOU DARE SAY THAT! SHE'S GKING TO WAKE UP ANY MINUTE! CANT YOU SEE?! SHE'S PERFECTLY FINE." He yells at me. His eyes are different now. Like he doesn't have life in him anymore. No hope. Nothing. Just broken.

"Niall, you made a promise to her. You promised you'd protect Aurora. You can't don't that in her! Go see your daughter!" I half tell back at him.

"I can't, I can't see her." He looks down, sobbing. "I blame her, I blame my own daughter for killing the love of my life. What kind of father does that?" He whispers.

"Normal fathers, fathers that their wife died giving birth, but Niall, you can't blame her for everything. Lee..." I start to say her name for the first time since.. you know, but he interrupts me, once again. "DONT SAY HER NAME. please.." He doesn't even look at me. "She wanted this baby. So you need to take care of that little girl. You promised!" I lecture him. What kind of person lectures a boy who just lost the love of his life?!

He looks at me with sorrowful eyes. "Come on, mate." I drag him off of her and bring him to the nursery.

I don't even have to show him which baby she is. He goes straight to her. Looks at her, like she's an angel.

"She's beautiful, just like her mom." His irish accent breaks.

"She looks just like her." I add.

"Yeah, she does." He's as happy as he can be right now. He lifts her in his arms and holds her so close.

"You, my love, are not ever aloud to leave me. Got it?" He says while sitting down rocking his daughter.

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