A colorful world

Hayla Zincter has abusive parents and only one friend, who lives in Japan. When her parents die in a car accident and she is forced to move across America to live in Emmaus Pennsylvanian with her godmother. That's when she meets the most popular boy in school, Jeremy Lin. The world that she once lived in will never be the same.


2. And I'm off

I was sitting in my room, my head in my hands. What was I supposed to do, I'm alone and I can't support myself with my part time job. Why did my parents have to go out and drink, why did they decided to drive home. Why did they leave me alone like this. I raised my head and everything was blurry. Tears were streaming down my face. "Why?" I asked out loud. "Why?" I asked again, expecting some answer. That night was the first night that I thought about suicide. I didn't do it of course, but I thought about it. 


1 week later

I was woken up by sounds coming from the kitchen. I sat up in my bed and grabbed the closest object that could cause damage, which was one of my shoes. I crept silently to my bedroom door and opened it slightly. I poked my head out the door and saw a woman, and by the color of her hair she looked like she was in her mid 40's, and the woman was cooking something. The woman was wearing a white puffy blouse which was tucked into a knee length skirt with a pair of very high heels. I watched her as she stood over the stove, her back to me. The smell of bacon drifted my way, which caused my stomach to growl, loudly. She must have heard it because she let out a laugh. 

I took a step cautiously with my shoe raised in the air. "Who are you?" I asked. The woman lifted her head and turned to look at me. There was a spark in her eye and she smiled when she smiled. "Oh my, look how beautiful you are. Put down that shoe and come eat. It looks like you haven't eaten a proper meal in forever." She told me and went back to cooking bacon. I didn't listen to her, I stayed where I was with my shoe in the air. "Who. Are. You." I demanded. The woman let out a sigh and placed the spatula she was using on the counter. She turned to look at me again as she took a step towards me. I raised my shoe even higher and took a step back.

"Looks like you're parents never told me about you. I'm you're Teacon Evens, also you're godmother." she informed me. I slightly lowered my shoe. "That can;t be, my mom or dad didn't have any sisters." I said. the woman put her hands on her hips "I never said that I was related to them. I'm just one of you're mom's good friends." she responded. I narrowed my eyes "Even if you were, why are you here?" I asked. Teacon ran her hands through her graying hair and looked at her watch. "Since I'm you're godmother, you're now my responsibility. I've come to take you back with me to live with me. Now sit down and eat, we need to get going." she told me and went back to the stove. 

"Get going, where are you taking me?" I asked her. "Can you please stop asking questions, I'm taking you to Pennsylvania. Now shut up and eat." she responded. I lowered my shoe and cautiously walked to the kitchen table and sat down. There were eggs on one plate and some bacon on another. There was a plate of toast and a glass of orange juice. There was a plate next to the orange juice, so i assumed that it was mine. My stomach growled again, so I started to fill my plate up. I took a spoonful of eggs, three pieces of bacon and one piece of toast. I grabbed a fork and dug in.

Teacon sat down across from me sipping at a cup of coffee. I swallowed the food I was eating and looked up at her. "How did you find out about my parents?" I asked her. She placed her coffee on the table, "Your school called, saying that they were concerned because you hadn't been to school for a week. They said that they tried to contact you're home, but there wasn't a response. They found out about you're parents, so they called me." she said as she looked around. The apartment didn't look its best, some dirty dishes here and there, some wrappers scattered on the floor. "Good thing I came when I did, a few more days like this I'm positive you wouldn't have survived." she said and stood up. 

She walked over to the sink and placed the cup in it. "Hurry up and finish,  we need to leave soon." she said. "What if i don't want to go?" I asked as i finished the last of my breakfast. "I don't care, I will drag you kicking and screaming. I'm your legal guardian now, whether you like it or not. Now lets go." she said and grabbed her bag she placed on the counter. "But I need to pack." I told her. she shook her head "No you don't, i have everything you need at my house." she responded and headed for the door. "But what about everything here, we cant just leave it." I told her. She opened the door and looked at me. "You sure do like to ask questions. I'll hire people to bring up to Pennsylvania. Now come on, we'll be late for our flight." she said and walked out of the apartment. I stood there and looked around. This was my home. I grew up here, and now I was just leaving. I went into my room and found my other shoe and slid them on. 

I walked into the living room and out the door. I grabbed the door handle and closed it gently. Teacon was waiting for the elevator and I walked over to her. The elevator door opened and we both stepped in. There was this awkward silence between us. 


We boarded the airplane and when we were in out seats the pilot spoke over the intercom "You're expected arrival time will be around 3 pm. I hope you enjoy you're flight." I looked at my watch, it was only eight in the morning. I leaned my head against the seat and looked over at Teacon. She already had her eyes closed and was asleep. I looked up and closed my eyes too. This was going to be a long flight. 

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