1. Band Camp

Dut. Dut. Dut. We said as we started to march down the practice field one last time ,we hoped, for band camp. As the drum majors started to conduct we all went marching down the field. I remembered everything that I learned during the past week of band camp: always look at the drum majors nothing else, always roll our feet, always keep your horn and head up, an most of all, always give it your all. I tried to do everything that they taught us durning this one last performance of band camp. When I march, I realize that I think about a lot of things. I do think about marching and everything I have to remember and do, but I also think about random things. It's like the only time I can think to myself. So before I knew it I was almost done with part one of our marching band show. I see through my perifrial vision one of out band instructor student teachers right in front of me. I tried to do my best and impress him. Then we play the final two notes and snap our horns down of our faces. I was really hot and sweating a lot but ifs a good feeling, knowing that you did give it your all. At least the sun wasn't beating down on all of us, it was cloudy and looked like it was going to storm bad. But we all stayed at attention until out band director told us so. Finally he told us "at ease" then to come up to him because he had to talk to us. He was about to say "one more time" like he always does but a rumble of thunder interrupted him.

"Good job everyone, this past week has been phenomenal and it's all because if you guys. You all did great and I'm looming forward to an amazing season. This band is going places. Let's all stay quiet because our guest instructor has some words for you guys, by first lets thank him helping us this past week"

We all gave him a round of applause for helping us. I clapped but I was really out if it. This happens every time I march, I just zone out for a few hours.

"Thanks you guys for being so awesome, out guys are so mature and fun and always put on a great show. I know this band is going to have a spectacular season. You all are awesome, but I want to give a complement to the best marcher I've seen in this band."

He waited a little bit, for suspense I guess. I was paying attention but I wasn't really listening. Everything was just kind if happening. Then all of a sudden he said their name.

"Where's Hannah Johnson?" He said

I was in shock, sort of. I'm really, really shy in marching band so I just barely put my hand up in the air. For a second I experience pure fear because I thought he meant the other Hannah in our band. Then I saw my band director point right at me and he had the biggest smile on his face. Hen the guest instructor looked at me and started saying really nice things about me.

"During this past week I and the other directors noticed Hannah. She is a very phenomenal marcher. She always does what we ask of say, she always give it her all. She had a perfect horn angle and perfect posture."

I tried to smile when he said this, like I said I was out of it so I didn't really know what was happening. I don't even think I smiled all that much.

"Let's give he a round if applause" he said, then all if a sudden all if these people that I barely have known for a week and that I'm afraid of are all clapping for me.

"Ok everyone we will start Monday and Wednesday night rehearsals in 2 weeks thank you for doing sick a great job and not forget about the pool party in and hour."- we all looked up at the sky, it looked like it was going to pour-" we looked at the radar, the rain is supposed to pass." Our band director said then he dismissed us. All of the mellophones ran to put out instruments away and get our stuff and get inside a car. I ran with a senior who was really nice to me and always took me to lunch and gave me rides home. We ran with out big cases in our hand trying not to fall over. We put them in re car and shut the door. Right when I shut the door rain started to pour. It was really windy too, all if the music on the ground was flying everywhere. A lot of people were still outside too. She drove to my house but very slowly because you couldn't see anything with all the rain. It was still pour but I had to get out so she said congratulations on the complement and that she'll see me in an our. I stepped outside and soaked my foot because the raid was flooded with rain. I ran to my door and unlocked it and got inside. No one was home but I was so happy because I got a complement that I just started dance in fairing the house. I called my mom and told her, but then I realized it was sunny ousted. I went down to my friends house real quick and told her. She was with another non-marcher and I told them. Try seemed uninterested so I went back down to my house and hot ready for the pool party that they always have after every long band camp.

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