All I Want

Lola Park is from Atlanta, Georgia and has a young daughter, Sasha and all she wants for her daughter is the life she deserves, a perfect house, perfect neighbourhood and a perfect father figure. When Lola meets Aaron Calvert, she doesn't see what Sasha sees in him but over time, something blossoms between them. Find out the sorry of Lola, Sasha and Aaron in my new movella, All I Want.


13. The Next Morning

Lola woke up the next morning not remembering what last night entailed. She saw a tanned muscular arm over her stomach and turned around to see Aaron looking at her. "Morning beautiful." Aaron said, kissing Lola and her reciprocating again. "Where are we?" Lola asked, cuddling up to Aaron's toned stomach. "A hotel, your idea not mine. I had such an amazing time last night." Aaron said. "I can't remember what happened, I vaguely remember you kissing me and that's it." She said. "Lola, this may seem quick but I fell for you the moment I clapped eyes on you. I want you to be mine, I want to be like the dad Sasha's never had, I want to be part of your life, Sasha's an amazing kid and she's just like you." Aaron said. Lola then sat up in the bed and said "Aaron, your a great guy, you have a great personality, your great with kids and I bet your great with Sasha. I'd love to be with you, I've wanted to be someone's for a long time." Lola said. "So I guess we're together now?" Aaron asked. "I guess we are." Lola said, kissing Aaron. It was official, Lola had got the man she had dreamed off and Aaron had got the girl he had wanted since he saw her in the school yard. They drove home and told Lola's parents and Sasha the news that they were together, Aaron then went home himself and they saw each other again on the drive home to Myrtle. 

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