Under Grace

After the traumatic death of her brother, Natalie Sparks was never the same. No one would believe her tale of the strange creature in the water and the even stranger man who saved her that day. As time went on, Natalie slowly let go of her painful past and learned to stand on her own.

Ten years after the accident, Natalie is on top of the world, her past put behind her. She’s the head cheerleader of her varsity cheer squad who are the new regional champions. Her boyfriend of three years is planning to go to the same college as her and, to top it all off, her father bought her a Senior Trip to the Bahamas for the entire summer and she’s allowed to take her friends. Even her grades are looking up. What could possibly go wrong, when surrounded by so many amazing things?

Enter Malachi—spooky reaper extraordinaire with a sexy walk and a scythe that could cut through anything. Natalie didn’t get away with her life the day her brother died. Malachi protected her—for a price. Now her time ha

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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