This is my first story so please no hate. In this story everybody at CHB (including Percy) starts to ignore Annabeth. She becomes sad amd heartbroken so she says yes to Chiron's job offer at CHERUB. While at CHERUB she makes new friends and hides herself from CHB. This story will contain different POV's.


1. Meeting a Demigod

James POV:

You probably know me from my successful missions IF you live in our campus. I really don't want to come off as cocky but I have the looks. Blue eyes and blond hair with muscle. A teenage boys dream. I was having a normal day for a kid who is a spy and just found out the existence of the Olympians. Sure. At first almost all of us didn't believe the news but after watching the news on different channels and seeing the "mythical" monsters being defeated by teenagers, we started to believe.

Anyways I was walking to my room when I heard the news from Bethany Parker. She was talking to Lauren, my sister. She said "I heard that a demigod is coming here to protect us from monsters!!" I froze on the spot. I mean we are going to meet a demigod if the rumours are right!! How awesomly cool is that?! I started running to my room after the news, but after a few steps there was an announcement for everybody in the campus to gather in the cafeteria.

After every single person in the campus was there Zara started speaking. "I'm pretty sure most of you heard the rumours but for anyone who is clueless about the situation, a demigod who is very powerful. I wouldn't anger her if I were you." Someone in the crowd shouted "A girl is going to protect us?! A powerless girl?!" I felt sorry for the guy. Every girl or woman in there started to give him death glares. And they are scary. I mean these girls can kill a man who is bigger and physically stronger than them with a few moves. And now he is in it. Zara continued her speech. "Before I was rudely interrupted by a sexist comment, I was going to say that she is strong, stronger than any of us. Be nice to her. I'm sure she has better jobs to do than protect us. But nevertheless she agreed to come. She will intriduce herself when she is here. She will be arriving at 5 PM. Come here at 4:30 PM. Those who aren't on time will run laps. That's all. Now turn back to your activites."

I went outside and started walking because I didn't have anything to do. I was really curious about her. We -the mortals- learned that there were two wars this decade. One with the Titans and one with the Giants. I wonder if she participated in both of them. While I was walking I realized that it was already 4 PM. I knew I should be walking back to the cafeteria and I did just that.

When the clock hit 4:30, everybody was already there. Waiting to see what she looked like. After 20 minutes of waiting we heard a helicopter ascending on the building. Now everybodies eyes were on the door. After 10 or so minutes the doors opened and a girl -who looked like 17- walked in. I was pretty sure every guy in here were drooling and every girl in here was burning with jealousy. The girl was tall, about 5'11". She had honey blonde hair and stormy grey eyes that looked like she was calculating our every move. Figuring a way to beat us. She had a sword made out of bronze on her hip. Sure she was a blonde (AN: I have nothing against blonde people. Continue being awesome!!!) but her eyes shone bright with intelligence. Zara went up to her and she started talking to her. "Hello Annabeth, I hope you weren't busy with an important job." She smiled "Actually I just finished all of the temples and statues' blueprints. After the war we Olympus was in a pretty bad situation." Zara looked sad after hearing the word war and seeing a girl -a teenage one- who survived one. She started speaking with a sloemn tone. "I'm sorry dear. Now. Would you please introduce yourself and tell the campus your titles?" She smiled. "I would love to. Hello CHERUB Campus. My name is Annabeth Chase. I'm a Daughter of Athena. She is the goddess of wisdom and battle strategy. I defeated too many monsters to count. I retrieved Zeus' Master Bolt, the Golden Fleece, I held up the sky, I survived the Labryrinth, I defeated Kronos -Lord of Time- I retrieved Athena Parthenos, I defeated Arachne, I survived Tartarus. I'm two time Heroine of Olympus and two time Official Architect of Olympus." All of us were astonished. She is my age and she saved the world more than one time!! THE WORLD!!!


Considering that this is my first story ever, what do you think about my writing and my story. Am I going too fast?? Was it enough?? Let me knoe in the coments. Love you guys :))

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