Writer's Block

I'm here to help you out :D (or ruin your life.)


2. There's Inspiration In Everything!

                There really is inspiration all around you! Just spin around in a circle and look at it all (please don’t spin too fast, cleaning puke off a keyboard is a pain).

                With the internet, there are plenty of things that could spark a new story: a neat word or a cute photo of a puppy. I don’t recommend searching the name “Obama” or any words inappropriately related, but I suppose that depends on the amount of self control you have. Probably none, I suppose. Just lay off the touchy subjects that make people angry. That's a dumb idea.

                Maybe you could take inspiration from nature. If you live in a rural area, you could write a cute haiku about trees or something. That would be fun. ish. 

                Or you could write about what you love, like your dog or something. Supposedly that's a good idea. I find it kind of cliche, but Dean Koontz pulled it off, so who knows, all you have to do is write as good as an award winning adult author. 

               This chapter is rather boring. I think I caught your writer's block. You've weakened my fragile state of mind, now I'll have to write your name in my Death Note, mwahaha. Death is a great way to rid writer's block.

              If you actually wanted help, and you're irritated that I've blatantly mocked you throughout this chapter, google image search Lora Zombie art. She paints interesting subjects that might (note the word might) inspire you in some way. Beware, children, women have tits. Lora isn't always family friendly, because people are shocked by the existence of boobs.


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