A cute little love story

If you want something short and cute here it is! This story is about the amazing Luke Hemmings! It is just a cute little love story hope you enjoy :)


1. How it all started

Diana prov. ( I always loved this name ) 

It was finally the day I had been waiting for, the day of the 5SOS concert, I had been dreaming of seeing them live forever. And now that dream was becoming a reality, I couldn't wait. I was getting ready for the concert and I finally decided on what to wear, I chose the shirt I bought of the 5SOS website the one Luke designed and red skinny jeans. I straightened my hair and was finally ready, I went downstairs and met my mom in the kitchen, she looked at me and just shook her head "You're way to hyper today" she said "How can I not be!" I said smiling, I was just a ball of energy and happiness today and it was all because of 5SOS, I couldn't wait! After about an hour Emily arrived and it was finally ready to leave. I grabbed my bag which held my ticket and put my shoes on and left with Emily. 

After about 2 hours of driving we finally made it to the venue, Emily and I went inside, we walked in with huge smiles on our faces and we handed our tickets to the guards, they accepted and let us in, searching our bags first. We walked in and it was pretty crowded but we immediately went to get merch. before the concert actually started, Emily bought the penguin singlet I was wearing, and I bought the 5SOS baseball tee type thing that she was wearing. We headed to get our seats, it was pretty full but we got to our seats and sat down waiting for a bit. It was quarter to seven and they started soon, I was so giddy I couldn't sit still, I just kept fidgeting with everything. Emily and I chatted until the lights in the stadium went down and the stage lights came on, an unknown voice yelled through the speaker "Are you ready for 5 Seconds Of Summer!?" I screamed at the top of my lungs and so did the rest of the stadium, "Now stand up and scream at the top of your lungs, for Michael, Luke, Ashton and Calum!" the person said and I shot up and started cheering. Emily  grabbed my arm as they all came on stage, they all stood in their spots and Calum spoke into the microphone "Hey! It's nice to be here! And we can't wait to play for you!" He said quickly and Luke and Michael started playing the tune I immediately recognized as Out Of My Limit, I sang along and danced to the music. It was a lot different listening to their voices actually live, than just sitting at home watching them on YouTube or listening to them through cheap headphones. 
Halfway through the concert I got extremely excited before they launched into my favourite song Over & Over  and I screamed as loud as I could "I LOVE YOU LUKE!" Surprisingly he actually heard me and he laughed into his mic. "I love you too." he said and I practically died Emily was flipping out and I couldn't stop smiling at all. After the concert was over Emily and I had to walk to our hotel which was a block away from where we were now, we started walking out of the venue, we got outside and everybody was leaving already, so it was pretty crowded. We sat on a bench and waited for a few more people to clear out before we walked to the hotel, after about 15 minutes we started walking toward the hotel, suddenly 5 boys came out of the side door of the venue, I hit Emily  arm when I realized it was the 5 boys from 5 Seconds Of Summer, I kept my cool as we made our way toward them. "Hi, I'm Diana and this is Emily, we're huge fans! Uhm, could we get a picture?" I asked my hands slightly shaky, you could hear the nervousness in my voice. Ashton smiled and nodded "Course you can!" He said and Ashton and Calum stood beside each other I was in the middle of Michael and Luke, as Emily took the pic. After Emily got her pic with them, we stood beside them "So did you guys see the concert?" Ashton asked us, "Yeah, we were just waiting for people to clear out before we walked to our hotel." Emily told them, she kept her cool pretty well, I on the other hand still had shaky hands. We all walked there together, once we got there we said our goodbyes giving them hugs, I got a bit sad knowing that was probably the only time I'd see them even if they did live in the same but then Luke said "Hey, so we were going to go see a movie tomorrow. Would guys uhm, maybe want to come?" he asked and I was suddenly happy we were staying here until 4pm tomorrow, I was so shocked and so excited. I begin to think this was all a dream and found myself getting less nervous, I nodded "That'd be great." I said smiling and Luke nodded returning the smile, "Well we got to go. I guess we'll see you tomorrow then." he said I smiled "See ya." I said, after they left Emily turned to me "What just happened?" she asked dumbfounded, I shook my head "I'm beginning to think I'm dreaming." I said just standing there not focusing on anything, Emily nodded, "We should go though, your parents will be wondering where we are." 

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