Your Not Welcomed

Blurb ❤️
~ 3 years before
I layed on the cold marble floor. Lifeless. Well...
I want to be.
My right hand was holding my bare stomach and my lefted was holding the...Pregnancy stick.
I sit up after laying in the floor for which seemed like hours. Probably was.I was too weak to fully stand up , so I stretched my body to reach for the pregnancy box on the counter.
Got it. I needed to be definite that I was really pregnant. Well after using the whole box in 1 day? I would say so , but I just needed to know for sure 1 more time.I took the box and 1 hand and the test In the other. "Yup there it goes. That little plu-"
"baby! I'm home!"
Fuck . What is harry doing home so early?
I scatter trying to hide the box. I throw it in the cabinet under the sink. Harry never does down there. I put the test in the back pocket Of my jeans. And pull my shirt down. I exit the bathroom to see Harry in the living room smiling ear to ear at me. "Hey baby. What are you doing home so early?" I gave him a peck on the lips. "I have good news!"
"Me too!" It got silent after I spoke.
"you first hazza." He took a deep breath and let it out.
"Me and the boys got signed to a contract and we're moving to L.A!" He picked me up and hugged me tight."That's great baby! I'm so happy for you."
I start walking towards our bedroom to hear Harry call out at me. "What did you want to tell me Taylor?"
SHIT! Kill me now!
I turn around slowly trying to advoid eye contact with harry. A voice in my mind kept telling me to lie and don't tell him but my heart was telling me to just say it. Say the truth.
I take a deep breath and sigh.. Here we go.....
"harry I'm pregnant. I took a whole box all today all they all said the same thing. Positive." I covered my mouth with my hand. He stood their . Frozen.
I couldn't read his expression it was a mixture of different emotions. He knew I hated that. "Um harry? Hazza?" The words I was dying not to hear came out his mouth.
"Its not mine."Huh?
"What harry?"
"I. Said. It's. Not. Mine." I was confused. Did he really just say that?
"What the fuck harry! It is yours! Who elses? I was a virgin when we first had sex. And I never slept with any other man except for y-."
"But we used a condom."
"Condoms don't always do that job smarty pants."
"We'll get rid of it."Did he really just tell me to abort my child? OUR CHILD?
"are you crazy! I could never do that! Even though we're 16, I'm going . We're going to step up and become parents!"
"yes we! Your the one who stuck your ding a ling in me and decided not to pull out!!! Now am I right if am I right?"
"my Careers just starting. This is going to set the group back. Alot!"
"What are you saying?" Oh ohhhhhh....
He throws a stack of money on the coffee table! "This should be enough to take care of the baby stoller and whatever you need."
"HARRY FUCKING STYLES! What are you saying!?"at that point tears were running down my cheeks.
"I'm leaving. I'm not rea-"
"It's not that simple. I'm sorry I have to go." He turns around about to leave out the front door .
"Hazza?" He looked back at me?
"it's you fucking job or your family. You choose."
I close my eyes praying he'll chose us. His family.I jump for the slamming of the door. I open my eyes and Harry's gone. Forever!
I break down crying on the ground. I was a mess. I didn't know what I was going to do without Harry! After a few hours I got myself together and sat on the couch. I lifted up my shirt and stared down at my stomach.
"It's okay mommys angle. It's only me and you. But we're going to get through this.....


Christiana Andrews

23, "New character" Taylor's new friend

Ema Styles

3, Taylor's and Harrys daughter

Harry Styles

19, Dating Morgan Ellis. And is in "1 direction"

Morgan Ellis

20, Harry's "new" girlfriend

Rashon Lowery

20, Taylor's friend. He helps out with Ema

Taylor Keith

19, The mother of Ema Styles. First love of Harry Styles

Terrell Smith

21, "New character" Taylor's "idk what to call him" she meet at work


12. Chapter12

I opened the door to walk out the apartment when I heard my name get called. I turned around already irritated. "What now Liam!?" He gestured his head for me to go back into the room where the were. "No Liam! I'm leaving!"

He took my arm and pulled me back gently. "Please Taylor. For me." I couldn't say no to Liam. He always was the sane one out of the group.

I followed him into the room and I was welcomed by Lou rubbing Harry's back in circles and Harry sobbing loudly into a pillow. "Ahem." Liam cleared his throat.

"All. I. Want. To. Do. Is. Spend. Time. With. My. Daughter." He manage to say between sobs.

I held Ema out for Liam to take and he gladly accepted. He brought her into the other bedroom , not the living room.


"but she's my dau-" "OH MY GOD HARRY! I'm tired of you saying that! Just because your biological father doesnt mean shit! Anybody can be called a father but not everyone can be a father!"

"but. I. Had. Every. Right. So. See. Her!" Ugh.

"What are you not understanding Harry!? You have no right over her! So you basically kidnapped her! After what you did to her. And to us. You should be happy I even let you see her! You left us with 300$ to fin for ourself! That's not right." I looked him up and down in disgust.

He threw the now soaked pillow behind him and stood up.

"So, it's not right for you to beat the shit out of Morgan because she wanted to be in Emas life?"

"You can't just do whatever you want Harry! She's in my costidy and you have to have permission from me to do any of that shit! And you know what she told Ema!? She told her that she's her new fucking mother! That bitch will-"

"don't call Morgan a bitch."

"That bitch" I said emphasizing bitch. "Say it again." Now he was in my face.

"THAT. BITCH" he moved back controlling his anger!

"You know your the bitch! Your the one that got fucking pregnant and decided to keep it! I got a bitch pregnant! You should have just got an abortion so I wouldn't have to be dealing with this bullshit right now."

I wanted to cry. But instead ... I bitch slapped him. Like This.

louis tried tried to hold me back but I slapped him away from me. "Don't you dare touch me! The reason why were in this situation is all your fault! If only you just kept your mouth shut and didn't tell Harry we would be in this postion." I spat at Louis.

I love Lou but he was wrong to the highest point for telling Harry any of this.

I turned my attention back to Harry.

"you know what? I'm happy I didn't get an abortion because that little angel sitting in that room right now is the only piece I have of you that never changed. The you I used to know would have never said that to me! Nor his fucking. Daughter. I can't believe you would say that!! She's the best thing that ever happen to me and should be the best thing that happen to you." I was in tears by the time I finished my lecture.

"I spit on dirty pricks like you." I said to him in disgusted.

i walked out the room and say Ema on Liam's lap giggling. Just her smile made me happy. "Okay Ema. Time to go home angel. Say goodbye?" I picked her up and she waved by to Liam.

I decided to not let Harry say goodbye since he wanted me to get an abortion anyways... Which would have made our life easier he says.

I walk out the apartment finally free and Ema taps me. "Yes baby?"

"Where dada?" Think Taylor .....

"he's going away. For a long time." I kissed her temple

I keep moving on the paper of the doctors office. It makes so much noise. My finger kept pulling off little scraps of paper because I was just so bored.

I looked over to where Rashon was sitting. Ema was in his arms sound asleep. She looked exactly like Harry when I would just be so fascinated by him sleeping. I hear the handle of the door move and see the door open. There stands a tall man with a white lab coat on.

"Hello Mrs...." He looks through his papers attached to his clipboard. "Mrs. Keith. How are you feeling this evening?"

"to be honest... I feel like shit. Not physical, but emotionally. Well both, but mostly emotionally." He puts his hands in the blue gloves. He moved his hand to my left arm which was all bruised. He made his way to my other arm then my face.

He examined me. "I see.... Care to tell me what happen to cause you to have a massive amount a bruises and a busted lip?"

I wanted to be honest but I wasn't gonna just say it. "Yeah I actually got into a physical fight with my ex boyfriend who is also my baby fathers , girlfriend. Which is Harry styles." Nope.

I wasn't going to say that. "I actually got into a minor car crash. Nothing serious, just a little car crash."

He looked over his clipboard full of papers. "There's no such thing as just a little car crash." He chucked.

"yeah.. I meant my car got beat up pretty bad and the airbag hit me but it wasn't anything serious." He took a glance up at me then returned looking over his papers.

"Okay. I will be back in a few to tell you if you fractured or sprained anything." I nodded my head and he left out the room. Immediately after the doctor left my attention turned to Rashon .

"Soo, Taylor? How long did it take you to think of that little save?" He smirked. "Oh well, not long. I wasn't going to tell him what really did happen."

"What really did happen. Taylor?" All the memories from this evening passed through my mind. I remember it like it happen yesterday ... Well it did but I can remember every single thing that happen.

"I went to the Hotel and saw Ema yell daddy. It was impossible for her to know that Harry was her father because I know for a fact that I never told her. So when I entered the kitchen were Harry and ema was, Morgan tapped my shoulder and punched me. I fell to the ground and then got back up and punched Morgan... To make a long story short, she got her hits but I beat that bitches ass ask anybody! And then me and Harry started to argue and then Harry brought up that he thinks that I should have just got an abortion because we wouldn't have been in that situation. And I sla-"

"okay Mrs. Keith," I mouthed to Rashon I would tell him later. "you have a fractured arm, broken nose and a couple of your ribs are broken. I suggest you rest in bed for a few days because if you don't your injuries could get worse and be a lot more painful." "Thank you doctor." I said giving him a warm smile. "No problem, just don't get into anymore not serious car accidents okay?" He chuckled. "I'll make sure I won't."


I ride back to my apartment was pretty silent. I had a lot on my mind. And when I say a lot .. I mean a lot!!

I got out the car and grabbed Ema out her car seat. Her arms automatically went around my neck. I peeped through the rolled down window on the passenger side.

"You know you can come in if you want." I watched as Rashon hopped out the car. We walked up to my apartment and Rashon went into the kitchen. I went to put Ema to bed.

I tucked her under the covers and made sure she was arm. My little angel was so beautiful. It was like watching sleeping beauty... Sleep. I kissed her forehead and walked into the living room.

I scanned the room and sat on the couch putting on a movie. I didn't know what movie it was, it was just on when I turned on the tv.

I looked up and saw Rashon standing in the doorway with 2 glasses and a liquor bottle. I wasn't big drinker, but I kept it just in case.

I watched as Rashon laid the glasses on the table and popped open the bottle. He poured some in one cup I stopped him before he could pour some in the other. "I'm not drinking Rashon."

"No Taylor. You been through a lot and I could see you very tensed. One drink won't hurt." He began to pour some in my cup.

In started biting my lip debating on if I should just stop him or drink. I mean like Rashon said, one drink won't hurt.

He held his glass and handed me mine. "Cheers? To Taylor being a strong woman." We clicked our glasses together and I took the drink. To the head.

*** couple drinks later.

I couldn't feel my injuries anymore. I felt fine ... Actually

"Rashon..." I slurred. "Yeah Tay?" I could see by the look in his eyes that he hasn't drunk much. He was only on his second drink.

"I'm stressed." I pouted my face and gave doggy eyes. "Hold on." Rashon got up and ran to the bathroom.


I took another sip of my drink which was gone by now and layer back against the couch.. Waiting for Rashon to return.

My eyes were started to get heavy until the felt the couch sink. My eye opened to find Rashon with a bottle of baby oil in his hands. "Lay on your stomach babe." I didn't hesitant. I did was I was told.

"Take off you shirt." He demanded. I didn't that took but kept my bra on. I was on my stomach and I felt Rashon unhook my bra. I started to move around.

"Relax Taylor. I'm just unhooking it because I don't want to get oil on your nice bra." I calmed down.

I felt the oil being poured on my back moving around in a circular motion. I then felt Rashon strong hands move around caressing every inch of my back with oil. "Ah baby, your so tensed."

He was right. I have been through a lot lately.. With Harry and losing my job.

He moved his hands up to my shoulders , massaging them very smoothly and delicately like I was a flower.

"Turn around." He demanded me. I quickly turned around and keep my arm on my bra to cover my boobs since it was unhooked. "Uh uh. You don't need this, and don't be scared, I'm not going to try anything."

He moved my arms away from my bra and pulled it off.

I felt too exposed. I haven't been this exposed to a man since the last time me and Harry did it. 3 years ago!

"Relax baby." I watched intensively as he poured the oil into the palm of his hand and spread it along the top half of my chest. He cupped my boobs in his large hands and massaged them. I let out a small moan.

What? It felt good.

He stopped with the oil and straddled me. He kissed my lips, jawline, neck, collar bone. All the may down to my Belly button. Not missing an inch of skin.

My body was aching for his touch. I haven't felt this way in a while so it was kind of new to me again.

I guess he could sense my body feening for his touch since her moved his lips to my ear. "If you want me, tell me." He licks behind my ear which sent shocks through my body.

I was debating if I should or not. I haven't done anything in years so, I was feeling like a virgin again.

He was getting inpatient of my hesitance that he pushed himself against my area which made me let out a louder moan.

"Say its baby. Your wish is my command."

He pushed himself into me once again but harder. I couldn't hit this feeling anymore. My body wanted him. My body needed him. I roughly pushed his body toward mine.

"I want you. Now "

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