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  • Published: 7 Jul 2014
  • Updated: 7 Jul 2014
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I got inspired by the poem in Perks of Being A Wallflower, which I finished reading yesterday. It's probably not that good, but I would like to publish it anyway.


1. poem

Right there

Flat on her stomach she lies

And she tries not to think

But her mind wanders away

Once upon a time

In the backyard tree

The rope to the swing broke

And she sprained her arm

She cried for days

But now it doesn't matter anymore


Right there

She looks around at the people

And she does not want to think

That she will never fit in

But once upon a time

When school had just started

They called her names everyday

And she ran home crying

Her mother told her to get over it

And that someday it wouldn't matter anymore


Right there

She stood kissing the boy next door

And she hoped that he wouldn't think

That she's just some random crush

Because once upon a time

At a party at her friends house

She fell in love for the first time

But then he broke her heart

And she cried herself to sleep

And she doesn't want the pain to matter anymore


Right there

She sees herself in the bathroom mirror

And she just can't stop thinking

That it wouldn't matter if she died

Once upon a time

Her boyfriend hit and her mother yelled

She told them no

And she hadn't stopped crying since

And now it doesn't matter is she's alive anymore


Right now

On the bathroom floor

She has no thoughts left

And her heartbeat is gone

Once upon a time

She walked around all by herself

And now they all see her

Even though she is long gone

And everyone cries

Because she isn't around to matter anymore

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