is this meant to last

My name is Vanessa. I was born and raised in Bradford, London. i dated Harry Styles and Zayn Malik before the became famous. What will happen when we met again. who will Vanessa choose? (This is for the one Directon contest.)


6. 1-1-14

vanessas pov

my little sister zoey loved one direction and her birthday in in 3 days. so for her birthday i brought her V.I.P. one direction concert tickets we had 4 hours till the concert started. i wore a aztec print crop top and a pair of high waisted black jeans and some black flats. my hair was perfectly straight and i wore light make up. vanessa wore a one direction top a skirt and flats. she had her hair curled and light make up also. she was 20.

"nessa lets go were gonna be late" i yelled from the bottom of the stairs

"ok shit calm your tits" she yelled back by then she was down with her purse and camera.

"got everything cause im not coming back and i got the passes" she nodded

"when we go back stage ima hug niall first she pratically screamed. i didnt want to go but she forced me. the rest of the way we drove in silence. when we got there they song like 3 songs then called for the we walked i hoped no one would notice me. vanessa was the first one to hug niall and she was flirting with him the hole time i was just sitting hiding my face on my phone. then i felt someone sit next to me. 

"hey love" i cut britsh accent flirted i looked up and saw harry his face turned white like her saw a ghost. 

"hey" i saw flashing a smile

"how are umm so your a fan?"

i shoke my head "nope my sister is " i pointed to vanessa. he loked hurt "nice songs though"

"thanks. wait one minute lou!" he screamed bringing all the attention to us.

"VANESSA " a bradfrod accent screamed. i picked my head up embaressed to see all eyes on me.

"hey zayn" i smiled i looked at harry who semmed just as confused as everyone else.


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