Secret Weapon

A high school girl, the X-men an the Brotherhood of Evil mutants. What could go wrong? A lot apparently since the girl can borrow any ability from anyone. Could this week get any worse?
The chapters are split into 4 characters
When there's speaking at the very beginning and it doesn't specify who it is, it's the chapter character
I started writing this before i saw Days of Future Past. So it's going to be weird


1. Magneto

She was powerful. Powerful enough to force a tremor through Chicago, tearing it in two and send the entire population into Limbo (the state between Life and Death) in the blink of an eye. He needed to obtain her before Charles did. Luckily, a few months prior, Magneto had sent Mystique to a high school in New York in search of recruits. And they had found her.

She was just stepping out of the school doors. Later than the other teachers in order to meet with him.

"Well?" Magneto asked, his impatience escaping through his voice.

"Same as usual. Just mutters under her breath." Replied Mystique changing to her true form. Scaly blue skin, wiry red hair cut right above the shoulders. She always looked the same, never showing any signs of aging whatsoever.

"And what does she say?" He asked, anger now rising.

"I don't know. I can never hear her."

"Anything odd you've noticed?"

"She mouthed off once in class, so I made her do push-ups. Couldn't even do one,"


"I'm getting to that, Magneto. I checked her physical test in gym. Her push-up score was the highest."

"Perfect. Tomorrow we enact Phase two. Gather the others. We have details to plan."

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