She Looks So Perfect || Luke Hemmings

Rose was a big fan of 5SOS, she went to their meet and greet when Luke Hemmings fell in love with her... READDD sorry I suck at writing a short thing about the story xx


1. Chapter One


             Hi I'm Caitlyn Moore, I'm 16 and I'm a big fan of 5SOS, I've loved them even before they were famous and I will love them forever. I have dark brown hair that was pretty long, I have dark brown eyes and I'm 5'7. I'm pretty skinny. I have freckles below my eyes and dimples but I hate both of those features. I'm pretty shy and I get good grades. I'm in love with singing but I do it for passion not for an audience. My full name is actually Caitlyn Rosemary Moore, but people call me Cait. I'm from London but I live in California. My hair is sorta wavy, not too curly and not too straight. I have long legs, which I hate. I wore braces when I was 12 so I have straight teeth and pearly whites because I need to brush my teeth like 5 times a day or I'll die. 


*Amnesia plays* 


"Ugh," I groan as I take my phone, it was 6 already, today was 5SOS's concert and I was extremely excited, remembering the 5SOS concert + backstage passes + meet and greet I wasn't tired anymore,


"MUUUUUM TODAY'S THE DAY!" I yell running downstairs, I was wearing an oversize t-shirt with the 5SOS logo on it and nothing underneath, my hair up in a bun. 


"I know sweetie," she said laughing,


"Ew, Caitlyn, put on some pants," My brother Callan said, I rolled my eyes and I took the plate of pancakes that my mum made. 


"Why does she get to go to concerts and I don't?" Callan whined,


"If you get straight A's then you can ask me," dad said and I stuck my tongue out. After I finished eating my pancakes, I sprinted upstairs. I took my MacBook Air which was covered with 5SOS stickers. I went on Skype and called my best friend, Nicole.


"YAY!" Nicole said and I gave a cheesy smile, we both were going to the 5SOS concert together,

"I honestly can't wait, we have to go in like an hour or else," she added,

"Okay, I'll take a shower then, I CAN'T WAIT!" I nearly shrieked,

"SHUT UP CAITLYN," my brother said opening my door and leaving it opened,

"Close the door, Callan!" I yelled back, he ignored, 

"See you Nic," I said smiling,

"Bye!" she said,

"See you in an hour, I'll pick you up," I said and she put two thumbs up,

"I can't wait!" she said,

"Me too!" before we both hung up. I went to my closet and picked out an outfit, it was just my ACDC top from Forever 21 with my ripped black skinny jeans, 


"Mum, jacket or no jacket?" I asked as I saw her walk pass,

"Jacket," she said and I nodded, I took out my black leather jacket, I then took out my converse and set it out, I was nervous that they wouldn't like what I was wearing, ugh whatever Caitlyn. I took a nice warm shower before realising the time, I quickly ran out and blew out my hair making it nice and soft and wavy. I then brushed my teeth and took mints and changed to the outfit I chose. I put on deodorant, lotion and perfume and then mascara. I took my purse which included my phone, charger and other essentials. I went on Twitter and Tweeted a picture of me with my backstage pass and LUKE FREAKING HEMMINGS RETWEETED IT! I almost passed, I shrieked when my parents ran it,


"WHAT HAPPENED?" She asked,


"Oh, sorry mum, didn't mean to scare you," I said with a big grin,


"LUKE HEMMINGS RETWEETED MY TEWET!" I said and she rolled her eyes,


"Bye mum," I said before leaving the house,


"Have fun but be careful, love," she said and I nodded,

"I love you," dad said,


"Love you too," I said, I sprinted towards my car and unlocked it, I drove to Nicole's house, Nicole was wearing a pink dress with a black cardigan and a hat. 


"Let's go," she said and I laughed, I put on some music and it was She Looks so Perfect, Nicole and I exchanged grins before driving to the stadium.


"Holy," I said,


"Crap," she said and I nodded, there were a lot of fans, everyone with posters. 


"Hello, where do we go when we have these?" Nicole asked to a security guard, he checked the passes and lead us to a room, 


"The boys will be arrive here, soon," he said checking his watch and Nicole nodded,


"Oh come on, Cait you have to talk," she said and that's when the boys walked in. My face blushed and I was bursting with excitement,


"No, no, Tadpoles are not mosquitos, Ashton," Michael said and I smiled to myself, 


"Oh hi!" Ashton said giving us his famous smile and Nicole stood up, then I did,


"HI!" she said then she bursted with questions while I just stood there, I looked up and saw Luke staring at me, wait no, that's not possible.


"Nic," I said and she laughed,


"Oh, sorry," she said,

"No problem," Mikey said,


"Since we know who you are, this must be, hmm, Caitlyn?" Calum asked,


"H-how did you know?" I asked, my cheeks reddening, suddenly Luke blushed, why? 


"Oh you're British, that's so cool!" Mikey said and I laughed softly,


"Luke showed us a picture of you and said how beautiful you were," and Luke and I both reddened. Luke nudged Calum and Nicole looked at me, I shrugged it off,


"Well let's get to know each other," Mikey suggested, I smiled. 


"What's your favorite colour?" Ashton asked,


"Pink," Nicole said, and I scrunched my nose,


"Ew," I said and she rolled her eyes and laughed,


"Blue," I said smiling,


"That's mine too!" Luke said and I laughed. 


"Favorite animal?" Luke asked looking at me,


"Mine is penguins," Nicole said,


"You hate penguins," I said laughing and the boys looked at each other,


"Oh I meant dogs," she said and she smiled,

"I like bears," I said smiling,


"Polar bears," I added, looking down and playing with my nail,


"Let's take a tour," Calum suggested,


"Great, individuals I think, I'll take Caitlyn," he said and I blushed,


"So, tell me about yourself, like how old are you?" Luke asked biting his nails,


"16," I said smiling and he sighed,


"What?" I asked laughing and he shrugged it off,


"Favorite movie?" he asked,


"Titanic, and I know you've never watched it before, you have to watch it," I said and he laughed, and his smile oh god. 


"You seem like a quiet person," he said and I looked up to see his blue eyes, I blushed,


"Um, I guess people would say one of my strong characteristic is shyness," I said,


"Haha, makes sense," he said and I laughed with him, we ended up talking for like 5 hours before he had to go on stage, it was perfect and I opened up to Luke. I had no idea where Nicole was tbh. 



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