2. first day of what day ?

Matthew's pov

I woke up 3hr early ugh why me I had to get up at 6:00 and I'm up at 3:00 I can't sleep either so I text carter.

M-carter u up yet ?

C- no but now I am

M- lol sorry for waking u up but I needed to do somthing while I'm up

C- WHAT THE HELL DO U WANT!!!! IM ....I'm tired

M- we'll I want company can u come over lol

C- lol y don't u ask rosslyn

M- she don't like me dude

C- she is my friend I'll add her to are convo

M- oh hell no lol bye mr.carter lol

C-finally lol THANK YOU GOD haha bye

Ugh I got up put my phone on my pillow walked into my bathroom took a piss then got undressed damn did my dick grow 2 inches lol I turned on the water to the shower and hopped in I washed my hair gel out of my head then I washed my body I turned of the water and got out I walked over to my dresser and got out a blue bro cut tank top with white skinny jeans and my vans I grabbed my phone and turned on doing it right by jack and jack and started gelling my hair into a quif then I put on a snap back that said turn down for what bye the time I was done it was 5:58 I walked down satires and maid my mom and sister brecktfist then I grabbed a granola bar and wrote them a note " love ya'll so I maid u brecktfist enjoy love Matthew " I walked out side and got in my convertible hummer and drove to Nash's house I beeped my horn and he ran out his house and got in.

Nash's pov

"HAMILTON GET UP AND READY" my mom is always waking me up ugh I got up and I dident smell to bad so I just got dressed in a white lion shirt with black skinny jeans and my tan sperrie's I quiffed my hair and are a pop tart then I herd Matthews car horn " bye mom love you see u later bye skylinn be good for mommy and Hayes GET YO ASS UP" then I ran out side and got in the car he drove me to school and maghony , hays, Shawn, and those wanna b 's were waiting for me I got out and he went to find a spot.

Carter's pov

I never fell asleep after Matthew texted me so I started getting ready I took a shower then did my hair in a quiff with a white beeny and a black panda shirt with Grey skinny jeans and my white vans I ran down satires I was running late "Hun do u want brecktfist" umm.. No mom I'm running late I don't know why Matthew is not hear yet but I'm late I'll eat a granola bar " I'll give u a ride" no it's fine mom I'll ride the subway can I get the subway card "yeah" not the food subway the train subway how was I gonna ride a subway sandwich ? " lol sorry hear" bye mom "bye" I got on the sub way I made it to school with 3 min to spair I saw matthew parking his car he got out and I ran over to him why the hell didn't u pick me up? "Nash maid me pick him up " oh lol that bastard lol so let's go bully some kids note my sarcasm lol "actully I'm thinking of.." Of ? "Of not doing it" oh and lie to Nash? "Yeah" lol I'll do it to lol good plan matthew "thx" hey look there's branna she's so pretty lol dat ass doe "nah I like rosslyn" lol I no man we'll bye the bell rang I ran to my class ugh dumb ass math. I'm flunking in math I have a D when I need a C to pass this class and the teacher just give me a shity aditude the whole time so I just ya know do what I can and blame It on my stupidity lol. Finally it was time for lunch having 3 periods in math is not what I asked for I packed my lunch so I went to my locker to get it when I saw a note on my locker " meet us at the basketball court ~Nash~" ok then? I walked over there and he started telling us we were a big hit on YouTube and vine so were gonna be famous comedians called magcon as we already made up befor umm ok then I ate lunch then went home to take a nap since I had No more classes after lunch I got in Matthews car and I drove off I was gonna pick him up at 11:30 when his classes ended and it was 9:11 so I went home and turned on family guy and passed out " carter get up it's 11:25 you need to start heading over to the school" huh what it's 11:25? "Yeah" OH SHI I mean.. Oh crap I need to start leaving bye mom

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