Just one bite

"Luke! Back the fuck off! I could snap your neck in a split second and kill you."
He placed his hands on my waist and pulled me close. I braced my hands on his chest keeping his lips from coming anywhere near mine.
He had a grin on his face. "Then why haven't you yet?"
I glared at him and pushed him off me. I reached into my boot and pulled out a shiny 6 inch silver dagger and put it straight into his stomach.
He fell to the floor gasping for even a single breath of air.
"Because watching you bleed to death is more fun."


10. No more vampires?

I stood there standing over my mothers dead body. I knew I should have felt upset but, I didn't. I didn't regret what I just did. She wanted me dead I might as well reversed it. What would you have done? My own mother and my brother wanted me dead. ME. What did I do? What did I do to deserve this?

"What did you just do?" I could hear the anger in his voice. 

I held on tighter to the dagger. I knew that the second I put my guard down he'd come after me. "She wanted me dead. My own mother." I began chuckling. I almost sounded insane. "You both wanted me dead! My own family!"

He clenched his fist together and began taking small steps toward me. "You killed our mother. Don't you get it!?"

I jumped back as he tried to get a hold of me. 

"How have you not figured it out yet!?" He asked. I began walking backwards as he took closer steps toward me. "have you ever read through the writings? Do you not realize what you just did!?"

I was now stuck between my brother and a tree. I wanted to get away but, something wouldn't let me.

"We weren't going to actually kill you. But now. There no doubt I will." He reached for the dagger which wasn't smart of him. I stuck the blade into his heart and pushed him away. He caught his balance before actually falling over. He coughed up blood and spit in onto the ground. He stared into my eyes and waited a moment before speaking. "You were the one who would uplift this curse." 

He placed his hand on the dagger and pulled it out of his heart and dropped it. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and he finally fell back and lied there as death took his place.

I breathed heavily as my brother lied there. I killed my mom and my brother in one day. Just thinking about it, finally hit me. I felt a tear go down my face. Not because, I was sad. But because I was relieved. I could finally roam around without hiding. It was over.

A red Volvo pulled up and out came Luke and Calum.


"How could you not realize, I can heal him Jessica. Unless of course he was stabbed." Calum said.

How stupid I felt. I didn't have to come out here. I sighed. "Well it doesn't matter." I looked around at the 2 dead bodies on the floor. I stepped over Alexander and to Luke. I looked at his neck to see if there was even a scar left. He was perfectly fine. "Damn." I muttered.

I looked back over at Alex looking for the Dagger. 

I walked around the bodies looking for it. 

Suddenly Michael appeared in front of me. I felt a strong pain In my chest. I couldn't breath and I felt as if my eyes forcing themselves to shut.

"Your turn." He said. 

I felt myself loosing my balance and my body felt like it was loosing its warmth. I looked down at my chest and saw a silver dagger plunged into my heart. My eyes began to water from the pain that was going through my body. I felt my skin trying to heal itself but, it wasn't working. 

"NO!" I heard Luke's voice. As I began to fall back I felt arms catch me. I stared up at Luke who had tears pouring from his eyes. 

I tried to breath but, no oxygen was even passing through my system. Once I could no longer hold my eyes open I took once last look at Luke before my eyes finally shut for good.


Is it over? (Clicks teeth.) Or nah? -ADRI

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