Vampire Queen👑

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  • Published: 6 Jul 2014
  • Updated: 6 Jul 2014
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Short story i wrote this book in a notebook but since i found it in my room I decided to put it on movellas! Hope you like it


1. Shocks!

I didn't expect much from my senior high school graduation. My friends were worried that I wasn't happy. Rick told me these words "Vanessa are you happy?" I told him I was happy. I wasn't sure if I was or not to be honest.

"Davion..." I said.

"Yes?" Said Davion

"I wanted to ask how's Nathan?" I asked worried.

"Good." Said Davion calmly.

" I miss Nathan really I don't feel happy without him in the graduation." I said beginning to cry.

"Hey.." Said a mysterious voice I turned around to see who it was for my surprise it was Nathan.

"Nathan!" I said running to give him a hug shedding tears.

"W-what happen I thought you were in the hospital!?" I said shocked.

"They let me go." Said Nathan hugging me back. I saw Davion look at me like he wanted to say something to me.

*2 months later*

Two months have pasted...and I'm in college Me, Nathan, Davion go to Brooklyn Harvard.

"Vanessa?" Said Nathan

"Wait before you say anything Nathan. Surprise! Happy Birthday!" I said smiling at him giving him a new phone.

"Vanessa.....Thank you. What I wanted to tell you was will you go out with me." Said Nathan serious. My mind went blank. I've always loved Nathan.

"Nathan of course!" I said so happy smiling.

"Well I got to go home Nathan." I said.

"Bye! I love you!" I gave him a hug and left as I waved at him.

Vanessa's Diary:

Dear Diary,

Today Nathan asked me out and I said yes. I felt super happy and felt kind of upset.

*3 am midnight*

I heard a knocking on one of my windows. At first I thought it was the tree but it wasn't it was...well I knew it was someone or something because they knocked again. I when to go check it out and it was Nathan to my shock he was flying in mid air. A hour later I felt like someone was stroking my hair. When I woke up it was Nathan!

"N-Nathan! Your a vampire!" I yelled surprised

"So are you Van." Said Nathan I looked at my neck I noticed Nathan had bit me when I was asleep.

When I went to go meet Nathan's family they gasped.

"What's wrong." I asked Nathan.

"See that picture over there." Said Nathan pointing at it.

"Yea." I replied.

"That's you before you left I had to turn you back into human a century ago and erase your memories. It pained me because you were my wife. We got married and had a child her name is Luna. Then you died and were reborn again so right now we are still married if you wish it but we are king and queen of the vampires. We don't attack humans we attack deers to feast on." That when he gave me my memories back and I decided to stay with Nathan still. That's when Davion came in.

"Vanessa. Davion is my cousin he is also your guard because there is a were wolf women after you to kill you. We are enemies with wolves.

Davion is my guard I thought.

"Davion thank you for being my guard and being a great friend." I said

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