Little Me

"I'd tell her to speak up, tell her to shout out,
Talk a bit louder, be a bit prouder,
Tell her she's beautiful, wonderful,
Everything she doesn't see,"
--Little Me, Little Mix
[[For Little Mix Fan-fiction competition]]


1. Part 1

"It's nice," I commented, walking around the park with Leigh-Anne, Jesy, and Jade. I meant the park, and it really was beautiful. Despite the grey clouds that had bring a miserable feeling to the park, creating shadows beneath me, the air was fresh, and surprisingly, no paparazzi people were around to take pictures, which was a relief. There were two trees, one to the left and one to the right, perfect for anyone who wanted to hide.

That was when I noticed a little girl, whom I thought was a shadow, staring off into the distance, silently crying. She was at the side of the tree on the left, the shadows the weather made making it impossible to spot her. I nudged the three girls as they followed where my eyes were. Immediately, they felt sympathy for the little girl, and so did I.

We approached her, and we could hear nothing but her faint murmurings, and I could make out the negative words, stupid, selfish, and ugly. But neither did the girls nor I think that she was any of those, even though we couldn't see her face just yet. All we knew was that she was beautiful.

Silently, Jade tapped her shoulder, and the girl tensed, but she turned around, and she really was beautiful. She had chocolate brown eyes and her shiny black hair was tied into a ponytail and smelled like roses.. Her eyes were red and faint scars were on her cheeks. She was wearing a shrivelled blue polo T-Shirt, and some shorts that were not too short, but very short.  I wiped her tears with my hand and held her shoulders.

"What's your name, gorgeous?" I asked the girl. She sniffed and said something I couldn't understand. I looked at the other girls, and by their confused faces, I could see that they didn't know what she was saying, either.  She was looking down, and I tilted her head so we were looking into each other's eyes. And we did, for a moment, before she turned away. "Come on, don't be afraid to speak," I said softly. Jade knelt down beside me.

"We're not going to hurt you," she said softly, and all Jesy and Leigh-Anne did was nod.

"You're beautiful." Jesy said, and I looked at her with sad eyes, because earlier in the year, she wouldn't think the same about herself. All Jesy did was avoid my gaze, and looked at the beautiful but sad girl.

"Don't waste your time crying," Leigh-Anne said, also kneeling down, and took the little girl's palm. The girl's mouth quivered. "We're not going to hurt you, promise." Finally, the delicate girl spoke, her words like soap on skin; gentle.

"M-my name's Madison," the girl said quietly, so quiet we almost didn't hear what she said, but she did. She had a wonderful British accent. "My parents t-tell me t-that they don't w-want me and l-love me." She stuttered. That reminded me of a song that the girls and I had been singing. It was called Little Me. "I wanted to be a c-counsellor," she continued, "but my p-parents said that I-I coudn't because I am a f-f-f-failure." she spat out the last word in a flash with hatred. She looked up at me, but her pupils were somewhere else, so she wasn't staring directly at me. I could see that she was feeling so much relish toward herself. I didn't know what to say, and neither did the other girls, since they said nothing. "I feel so w-weak," I looked at the girls. "And f-fragile," They nodded. We got up.  

"Madison, we're going to sing a song for you, okay? And we want you to listen really good." She nodded meekly, and the girls and I stood up. Madison looked at us and smiled painfully, forcefully, and I looked at the girls again, and they nodded. Together, we sang the chorus of "Little Me."

"I'd tell her to speak up,

tell her to shout out.

Talk a bit louder, be a bit prouder

Tell her she's beautiful, wonderful, everything she doesn't see." Madison smiled a bit, but I realized it was real, and I smiled with her.

"You gotta speak up, you gotta shout out.

And know that right here, right now.

You can be beautiful, wonderful, anything you want to be, little me." She started to cry again, and we all hugged the little, fragile, wonderful girl.

"You are an astonishing, unique and beautiful girl, and I hope that no one gets you down." Jade whispered in her ear. Madison nodded, and I felt myself tear up, because this girl was alone, and we had this chance to prove her parents wrong. I pulled away, and Madison looked at me and wiped her eyes.

"Madison, do you want to go to go to your parents house? We can prove to them that you could be anything you want to be and they don't have to control your life." Her eyes widened and she started to cry again.

"No, no, no no absolutely not." She sobbed, the words still as quiet as people interested in their book, making comments quietly about the characters.

"Please?" I heard Leigh-Anne ask quietly, and Madison shook her head, her black hair falling on her face. And we felt it was useless, that our song helped, but not enough.

"Look, Madison," Jesy said, and she knelt down before her again. "I felt like you one time. People were calling me fat, saying that I couldn't sing, that I wasn't beautiful," she gave a little "pfft" before speaking again. "But I found out that those were all false. And I know what you're saying about yourself is also false. You are beautiful. You may be fragile, but you're also strong, deep down inside. So please, let's prove your parents wrong." Surprisingly, Madison nodded, and Madison stood up. She was five feet. Jesy and I took each of her hands, and she gladly took it, while she guided us to her house. A thousand cameras flashed at once after we exited the park. I covered Madison's eyes while Leigh-Anne distracted them. When I looked over at Madison, she had silent tears pouring down her cheeks, so I covered her and hugged her tighter.

"It's going to be okay," I whispered to her. "I promise."

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