It had to be him...



1. First day of high school

---Mckria POV---

It was the first day of high school, but I'm nervous... Because I moved to a new state, California.. That means new school and new friends. I walked in the building, and went to the office, I saw a lady and walked over to her (M=Mckria. H= her)

M: hi I'm new here and I was told to come to the office

H: hello, umm okay what's your name

M: Mckira

H: okay... Here you are.. Okay ur first class, walk out the office and then take a left, u will see some stairs walk up them and look to your right, and Mr. Clark's class will be there, he's math

*passes me my schedule*

M: thank you

H: good luck

I did as she said and walked in the class.. I was late, and everyone looked at me, the teacher looked at me " hi, you must be Mckira" I nodded " okay we'll I'm Mr.Clark, I'm you math teacher.. You can sit next to Hayes" he pointed to Hayes and I walked to my seat and started taking notes

---Hayes POV---

"You can sit next to Hayes" I heard Mr. Clark say while he pointed at me. She walked over... Damn she beautiful, she's probably the prettiest girl I've ever seen, I wanted to talk to her, and get to know her, but I couldn't during class.. I hope that we have an elective together. Class ended and I looked or at Mckira and she was looking at her schedule, this was my shot, I can talk to her (Hayes = H. Mckria= M)

H: hi, I'm Hayes, do u need help

M: hi, I'm Mckira, and yes I need help :)

Dang her voice is so... Perfect

H: okay let me see your schedule

*she passes me her schedule*

H: okay, you are going to walk out and take a right, and keep going, after a couple of doors, you will see room 345 and there you go

M: thank you

---Mckira POV---

Wow, Hayes is so cute... Wait no he is so HOT, I hope I get another class with him! I walked to my next class, and then to the other, them to lunch.. I was siting all by my self, then Hayes walked over, I was really excited but I didn't want to seem weird so I stayed calm. (H= Hayes M: Mckria)

H: hey

M: hi

H: why are you by yourself?

M: I don't have friends to sit next to yet aha

H: aha, we'll am I you friend now?

M: if you'd like to be...

I became REALLY excited

H: okay, :) we'll umm I know I just meet you but would you like to go to the football game with me on Friday...

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