A Second Chance (a Harry Styles fanfic)

Nikki Carlisle used to date Harry Styles, but they were separated when Nikki's parents found out she was pregnant with Harry's baby. Now, she's engaged to James Durbin from "American Idol", but she realizes she still has feelings for Harry. Nikki and Harry eventually get back together, but what will happen when Nikki's dad finds out?


20. Chapter 20

Nikki’s POV


Twenty minutes after I returned to my room, there was a knock at the door.  “Come in,” I said.


Harry came in, and he looked like he’d been crying.


“Is it that bad?”


Harry nodded.  “She has a hole in her heart and needs surgery.  She might not make it through the night.”


“Can I see her?  After the surgery, I mean?”


“You can in the morning.  We’ll be back to pick you up, and then we’ll all see Delilah.”




I didn’t get much sleep that night, partly because of Delilah’s condition, and partly because Daphne kept waking up for a feeding or a diaper change.


The next morning, I was woken up by someone playing with my hair.  I opened my eyes and saw Harry smiling at me.  He’d apparently snuck in.  I smiled back.


“Good morning, love,” Harry said.  “Delilah’s surgery was successful.  Wanna see her?”


“Yeah,” I said groggily.


“You sound sleepy.”


“I was up all night nursing and changing Daphne.”


Harry laughed.  “You should be used to it by now,” he teased.


“Well, I haven’t had to do this in three years.”


“That’s true.  Get dressed and come on.”


I got dressed and followed Harry and everyone else to the NICU.  “We’re here to see Delilah Styles,” Harry said to the nurse.


“Right this way,” she said.  We followed her to a crib in the corner, where Delilah lay.  She was pinker than she was last night, but not all the way there yet.  She was identical to Daphne, with the same green eyes and brown hair.  She was hooked up to a heart monitor, and I could see that her heart was starting to beat normally.  I picked Cadence up so she could see her.


“Can you see her?  That’s your other sister Delilah,” I said to her.


“Why is she hooked up to a beep-beep machine?” Cadence asked, pointing at Delilah’s heart monitor.


I giggled at her question.  “That’s called a heart monitor.  She had a hole in her heart and underwent a heart operation last night.”

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