HeatherKnell Is So Swaggie


1. Chapter 1

So basically my name is Heather and I love Leondre from Bars and Melody, but I'm not just one of those crazy fangirls who stalk him and comment "follow me" on all of his posts. I love him because he is not just a raper the fact that he is real he has a real story and I don't like him for his fame I like him because he is so sweet and just an amazing person who has had to cope with real things and he is just one in a million.



**On Instagram**


@barsandmelody : We are staying at the

Leopold Hotel, Sheffield, 

2 Leoplod Street, Leopold Square, Sheffield, S1 2GZ, 

Tonight! Come say Hi!

7:30pm - 8:30pm.


I run downstairs to where Judy was and asked her if we could go and see them today!

"No, sorry, but i have already been into Sheffield today." She said.

"Aww! Thats so unfair!" I said and then i stormed off upstairs to my bedroom.

I just stayed up there for a while, on my iPad and stuff.

"Whats wrong with Heather?" I heard Andrew say.

"I want to go and see Bars and Meldody!" I shouted.

We was having dinner and after we finished, Andrew told me to go and get dressed!

I screamed and ran upstairs to go and get dressed. 

Then when i was ready, we went.


**In Sheffield**


Im near the back because i am really shy, to shy to go up to them and talk to them, and because they're so many other girls in front of me! I built up the courage to wave at them and waved back!! OMG OMG!! I am really exited but now they have to go I kinda feel really sad because he wasn't with me and the fact I didn't get a pic with him sucked but I just thought of the positives and then Leo's dad came out, his name is Antonio, I hid behind Andrew and he came over to me and said hi and then Andrew said hi. Then he started to have a conversation with him. Then Antonio said are you alright and I said oh my gosh you sound so much like Leondre and he laughed. I quickly asked if it would be ok if I had a pic with you and he said of corse so then he was going on and I said can you quickly get their autograph for me and he said of corse and he went to get it me and he is so kind! He came out with a piece of paper that had two signatures on it, they were quite easy to tell which one was which. I could tell Leondres easily and Charlies had a little heart next to it, sweet.


**At Home**


I got the picture of me and Leondre's Dad and sent it as a Direct Message to Leondre. He didn't reply, but i wasn't expecting him too! they were probably loads of girls Direct Messaging him. So I gave up and went to bed.

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