Fay's Journey

Fay is a 15 year old girl excited to start her freshman year of high school with her 2 best friends Vanessa and Sarah. Until
She learns her dad got a job transfer to England. She finds out moving from a small city in Illinois to a big city in England is going to be a big adjustment. She learns how to adjust to her new life with the help of a boy named Joseph. When Fay meets Joseph she realizes she can start a new beginning in London with him.


1. Chapter 1: The Big News

It was 5 weeks until the new school year started. I was 15 and I was going to be a freshman. I was so excited to start a new school with my best friends. That is until my dad announced to our family that his job had been transferred to London. I was completely frozen. I had always wanted to go to England but not move there. I called up my friends and told them we had to meet up at the mall ASAP. We met up at the entrance and Vanessa and Sarah were standing there waiting for me and wondering what was so urgent. I was so scared to tell them but I knew I had to. I told them I wanted to start shopping first. We were shopping and trying on outfits when Vanessa mentioned England. I was completely thrown off guard. Vanessa asked me "What's going on with you, Fay? You're acting really strange today."

I replied hesitantly "Nothing. I was just, uh, thinking about something else. Nothing big."

We continued to shop and finally we stopped to get a bite to eat. While we were finishing up I told them "I have to tell you something." I started to hesitate but then I said "Remember earlier, when I said I wasn't thinking about anything? Well I was actually thinking how could I tell my 2 best friends that I'm moving... to England."

Sarah demanded "Get up. Come on, get up." I was confused, then she said "Come on, we are shopping for new outfits for your new school in London."

Vanessa agreed with her "Yah. You won't have us there, so you need to make new friends and impress cute guys. Come on."

I finally gave in and we went shopping for a completely new wardrobe. I found dresses, which I never wear, new skirts and shirts and new converse. I left the mall with them and they came back to my house with me and helped me pack. I was telling them how I had to pack my whole house up in 2 days and moved on the 3rd day. I was so scared to move.

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