And only you...

Quinn Farell,is a normal 16 year old girl.Shes lives in a small apartment with her mum and younger sister in Mullingar.When her boyfriend Niall,becomes world famous,Will they ever stay together or will it just end?In the end will fame become too much for Quinn?And will the shocker that changes both Niall and Quinns life end it all?
Find out by reading "And only you"


1. Chapter 1

"You hang up first"

"No you hang up first"

"No youuuuu"

"Okay,my dinners ready call ya later babe"

"Bye"I half say half laugh as I hang up on Niall.

Niall and I have been dating for 6 months.He wants to become a famous singer,I want to be a fashion designer.I would hate to be famous,Everyone constantly following you around!it would be horrible!no privacy what so ever.

"Quinn honey you dinners ready"My mum shouts from down the hall.

I walked down the hall and say down at the dinner table.I was wearing black leggings and a

Blue hoodie.My hair was in a messy bun and I was wearing a touch if make up.

"Thanks mum" I say as she hand me down a plate of chicken curry."no problem,How's everything with Niall?"she asks,"Good,he is going auditioning for the X factor!"I announce,"oh that's great when is he auditioning?" "Next Wednesday" "you should go with him" "what!"I say surprised,"What Quinny you have a wonderful voice" "uhh no thanks I'll stick to designing" "yeah,well if you don't want to be famous you can't be a designer" "a little but of fame wouldn't be bad"she laugh and I join."I gonna go collect Jade from Donnas house" "oh was she there again today?" "Yeah,Donnas great having Jade over to play with Lia all the time isn't she?" "Yeah" "okay I'll be home in 20 minutes hunny love ya bye" "byeee mum"I say before she exits out the door.

I return to my room to get my phone.I have a message from Niall

Happy Monday!Does my Quinny wanna join me on a trip to London for a certain audition on Wednesday ?:)x

That sounds quite appealing to the mind mr Horan:Px

Great:D so I'll pick you up to go to the airport at 3am Monday morning:)x

Perfect does my mom know?:/x. Yes,miss Farell your mother Emma does know:))x

That's good mr my boyfriend:')x

A few minutes after my texting conversation with Niall my mum walks in the door "Hiya mum I'm going to London on Monday with Niall" "hello hunny ya Maura was talking to me about it "I'm going to Donnas birthday party tomorrow night,You'll be on babysitting duty"she adds,"great"I say sarcasticly,"Hey I'm not that bad"Jade exclaims,We all laugh together "plus you can bring Niall over to help if you want,and he can stay the night in the spare room"my mum tells me"Really?he can stay!"I nearly scream with excitement "Well you are going to London alone"I nod in agreement"You guys can order a pizza and rent movies from the shop"she adds."Perfect thanks mum I say and pecking her on the cheek.

I take out my phone and text Niall about tomorrow night.Then I go to my room and watch 90210 with Jade on netflix.While watching 90210 Jade falls asleep on my lap and I soon dose of with her.

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