A monster's hostage

All my life i knew i was different but not like this


1. Started. Lived.End

All my life i knew i was different. Always alone in the crowd. But i didn't knew i was different. Not until now.

14 of March .  Remember that alright? As things happen ever so quickly and the light is ever so bright.

I was a 5 year old.  Brown hair and dark eyes. The spring air was refreshing. I thought everything was fine. I say i thought, doesn't mean it is. Little as i am , the danger slowly creep.

My 'mum' lock the door when we were inside. The whole village was silence tonight.

"Stay" she said and grab my hand. Lead me to my bedroom door and slam it shut with a Bang!

Next thing i know , a music box was played. It's melody was charmed , a spell in a way. Slowly i drift, from light to dark then before i knew  i was alone in the park.

A lady with a flower dress. Remember her too as she hold the secret. A secret of the true. She smile and wave. Her blonde hair in a bun. With grace, she approach.

"How are you sweet one?" i want to scream. i want to holler but something in her eyes tell me this is no horror.  I was older then. 13 i will say .  Nothing was scary then. Well not yet anyway.

But then her smile fade and my vision gone blurry.

"Wake up sweet one. Wake up already"

My vision was restore and about 18 i will be. I was in a bedroom. It's wall painted white.  The pale oak door swing open,

" Are you ready for tonight?" A young man. Maybe 22 of age. Wearing a black bow tie . Swing a bottle of champagne from his left hand to his right.

"Tonight?" i said with a bit of surprise.

"It's 14 of March silly. It's her birthday tonight"  Who is she? i really want ask but something tell me it will not make a good start.

The ride was bumpy, my shoes were on too tight. The street light was deem but the moon shone bright. Suddenly the car began to swing.

"Please wake up sweet one. Please wake up tonight"

Again i woke up. About 40 year of age i say. That when i began to ask and that when my life started to change.

14 of March, my daughter's birthday. I bought her a flower dress. She always want it, she say. My husband  bought her an old music box.  Hand in hand me and her walk toward our house. Where my husband prepare the presents boxes.

I hear the footsteps from the man behind us from the park. A sound of a gun loaded and my head shouting ' Had you pay the dark?'. 

Once we were inside, i hurry to lock the door

"Stay i said and led her to her bedroom door. It slam shut and then there was a bang. My husband lie on the floor. The man was the one i see at 18 year of age. Now i know why the lady's smile fade.  As the man was her partner and i was her mum.  Then later he was my husband and follow he was her pa.

I rush to her room and lock the door. My vision started to become blurry.

"Wake up sweet one. Wake up already" The man said as he tried to open the door.

"Please wake up sweet one. Please wake up Tonight" The door was broken and torn. He hold the gun firmly and tight.

"as a hostage of mine you shall be" The gun was fired. My girl disappear. i was tired. I am no longer here.


Tick Tok goes the clock

Your life will never end

Oh Tick Tok goes the clock

It will start all over again

The power is beyond your control

Your past began to race

As you thought it can't get worst

it did instead

I knew your where wrong

You knew i was right

but still you put up a blood shed fight

And while your power started to burn

You mother still wait for your return

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